Product Vacuum Sealer - Selection Criteria

Product Vacuum Sealer - Selection Criteria

One of the most significant inventions of the late 20th century is the method of vacuum packaging of food products. The appearance of vacuum packers has significantly increased the shelf life of raw food products and ready meals (from both fresh and pre-cooked ingredients), while maintaining their flavor, color, structure and flavor characteristics. Airless environment fully protects food from the negative effects of oxygen, prevents spoilage and rotting.

Vacuum packaging devices today are widely used in grocery stores of any scale, in cafes and restaurants, as well as in everyday life, they are also used in food industry enterprises. With their help packaged meat and fish products, sausages, cheeses. Vacuum packaging is absolutely harmless to human health, because the thermal film is made from environmentally friendly materials.Products in vacuum are protected from drying out, which minimizes the costs of trade organizations. However, not all types of products can be packaged and stored in an airless environment. For example, soft minced meat or semi-finished products from minced meat will simply be “crushed” by such packaging, and it will not be possible to pack a sponge cake.

All vacuum packaging machines can be divided into two categories - tubeless and chamber. Tubeless packers allow you to pack items of any shape and size, they create an airless environment inside the packaging bag, and then sealed with an airtight seam. These devices for vacuuming are used both in everyday life, and in shops of the format "near the house" and in public catering establishments. At the wholesale bases, in large retail outlets and at food processing plants, more productive (industrial or semi-industrial) chamber models are used - with one or two cameras. You can familiarize yourself with a selection of models of vacuum packers of various capacities on the website on the catalog page.

The most important danger is that anaerobic bacteria can multiply in vacuum packaging if they get on raw foods or ready-made meals before they are evacuated.Therefore, chamber vacuum packers, capable of packaging products with the injection of a modified gaseous medium, are increasingly in demand. In such an atmosphere, the development of any bacterial microflora is completely suppressed, and the taste and nutritional qualities of food products are fully preserved.

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