Pregnant, athletic and happy

Pregnant, athletic and happyDrowsiness and lethargy accompany those women who, during pregnancy, spend a lot of time lying. This state is more characteristic of a sick organism. As a result, the brain receives a signal that not everything is in order, that there are health problems and begins to save energy. A woman feels impotence and apathy, and even more lies and gains absolutely unnecessary kilograms, which it will be extremely difficult to part with. It is known that the child feels the mood of the mother from the first minutes of life, and such a mother is not in the best mood. It is in your power to give the unborn baby energy of happiness and health.
Pregnancy and sport are compatible, the load will help break this cycle of powerlessness and the decline of vital forces. A sporty, vigorous pregnant woman radiates happiness and positive, she sends the same vibes to the crumbs.
You can play sports during pregnancy, given the possible burden and duration of pregnancy.But with the threat of miscarriage, pregnancy complications or hypertension, sports are prohibited. Before you decide to engage in a particular sport, you need to consult with your gynecologist, he will help you choose the most suitable program for you and type of activity. But there is a general understanding of possible loads for pregnant women who are on this or that term:
Pregnant, athletic and happy

  1. in the first trimester, it is recommended to minimize the risk of harming the infant. This period is very dangerous for mother and baby, because the fetus is still poorly fixed in the uterus, and now all the organs and systems of the child are forming. In addition, the mother's pulse is increased, and the pressure is increased. Even if the mother is actively involved in sports before the onset of pregnancy, at the beginning of the first trimester it is recommended to reduce the physical load as much as possible. And for those who are not particularly fond of sports before pregnancy, you can start with walking in the open air 40 minutes a day or 3 times a week swimming in a pool for 20 minutes;
  2. second trimester is less dangerous and risky. During this period, you can do fitness, yoga, light jogging, water aerobics. But during classes, do not lift heavy objects, do not jump sharply and do not land, do not swing a press, monitor pulse and pressure. It is best if the classes are conducted in a measured manner and under the supervision of a specialist, a coach;
  3. the third trimester, like the first, is very responsible. The load must be appropriate, again with a run you can go for fast walking. From aqua aerobics - to swimming, and fitness to prefer yoga. Closer to childbirth, when the uterus expands, the back hurts more and more distinctly, and the strength is really small, classes can be stopped.

Pregnant, athletic and happy
While engaged in sports, a pregnant woman should understand and regulate the pace and load. To do this, consult with your doctor, because only he knows all the nuances of your health. In general, it is still worth noting that sport has a positive effect on the physical and moral condition of a woman.

  1. Fast walking and running train the heart muscle, saturate the body with oxygen, stimulate blood circulation in the lower body, which is favorable for the fetus.
  2. Yoga harmonizes the future state of mind of the mother, helps to more clearly feel the connection with the child. Such exercises strengthen the body physically, training it for childbirth.
  3. Swimming and water aerobics are excellent for pregnant women.In water, the body seems several times lighter than it is. Exercises in the pool not only train the muscles, but also relax them, especially for the muscles of the back and spine.

The moral and physical condition of a pregnant woman, childbirth and her post-partum well-being largely depend on what you did during pregnancy, whether you have an active lifestyle enough and whether you are positive and positive. Sport gives a feeling of strength and energy that is so necessary for expectant mothers.

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