Powerful neck: how to pump fast

When you decide to pump your beautiful and bumpy muscles, a really serious and difficult work will begin. Shoulders, arms, abs, back and legs are relatively easy to pump. A really challenging problem is the neck muscles problem. The fact is that for this group of muscles it is difficult to choose an effective method. In addition, it is necessary to pump up the neck so as not to bring yourself harm.

There is a technique that will help to cope with this task quickly and efficiently. The main thing is to follow the recommendations.

  1. You will need a bench. You need to lie on its side, so that the shoulder rests on the edge of the bench. The head must have complete freedom of movement vertically.
  2. Prepare the heaviness. For this you need a belt and a dumbbell of low weight. Make a loop of the belt, attach a dumbbell in the place of the fastener.
  3. Now you need to hang the weight on the neck.
  4. Begin the exercise, moving your head to and from the shoulder.
  5. The movement of the head should occur in a vertical plane.
  6. When the head drops to the lowest point possible, you should feel the maximum stretching of the neck muscles.
  7. When performing exercises, you need to breathe correctly. When lifting breath, when lowering exhale.
  8. Exercise is done slowly or on average. Perform this exercise quickly or jerky, not worth it. You risk stretching or damage to the cervical spine.

This exercise allows you to quickly achieve the desired, but it requires a lot of effort. First, you must control your movements very carefully. Secondly, proper breathing. Thirdly, the obligatory warm-up before starting the exercises. Fourth, you do not need to work with a lot of weight. What is important is not a specific weight, and the presence of load. Incorrect calculations, and you can hurt yourself.

Most often, pump up the neck is obtained in the process of training the muscles of the shoulders, arms and back. Muscles are connected and all interact with each other. That is why enhanced complex workouts have a much greater effect than exercises on individual muscles.

If you train in the gym, do not hesitate to ask advice from coaches and consultants.

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