Poems for the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty - beautiful and touching congratulations on the holiday for mom, dad, beloved husband, friends and acquaintances

Poems for the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty - beautiful and touching congratulations on the holiday for mom, dad, beloved husband, friends and acquaintances

Beautiful poems for Family Day, love and loyalty are presented in our new collection. For children of preschool age, we picked up short pieces, easy to learn and follow the recitation at the matinee in kindergarten. The quatrains are very simple and consist of clear phrases with a good rhythm. After 2-3 rehearsals they will be easily remembered not only by the guys from the eldest and preparatory groups, but also by the kids.

The greetings touching to tears in verses for the husband and the beloved man are divided into separate sections. These works contain the best phrases that a loving woman can only devote to the man of her dreams.From such wonderful and gentle words, the heart of even a very reserved representative of the stronger sex, who is not accustomed to publicly show tenderness and sentimentality, will melt away.

Good poems and greetings for mom and dad are represented by several inspirational and reverent works. They will surely please their parents and clearly demonstrate how the children are happy for their harmonious and happy life together.

Short funny poems on Family Day for children in kindergarten

Poems for the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty - beautiful and touching congratulations on the holiday for mom, dad, beloved husband, friends and acquaintances

Very short, cool poems on Family Day for children in kindergarten should be found by a teacher. When choosing to focus on the age of the guys. Boys and girls from the junior and middle groups will come up with the simplest works from 2-4 lines with a clear rhythm. It is desirable that they were not difficult to pronounce difficult to memorize words. Kids with such poems can not cope and read them beautifully on the matinee in the garden can not. But the rhymed couplets of the elementary short phrases they will be quite capable.

It is appropriate to give a more difficult task to the children of the senior and preparatory groups. For them, there is no problem to learn by heart and with an expression to recite on the eve of the holiday works of 2-3 verses.

To make the number original, you can choose one long poem, divide it into couplets, and distribute them for learning by several children. Then at the matinee, they take turns reading their words and beautifully congratulate parents, educators and guests on the upcoming holiday of family, love and loyalty.

Examples of funny poetry for the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity for Preschoolers

On the day of family, love and faithfulness,

On All-Russian holiday

I wish you happiness and good

All relatives and friends.

Family is true happiness!

The days shine even in bad weather,

Hearts boil and warm the blood,

Love always lives in a family.

Let your glorious family

Love keeps and the heart beats

May faithfulness lead you on your way,

I wish you a strong family!

We congratulate everyone around

Today is happy family day

It's time for us to celebrate

Day of loyalty, love,

We wish each of you

Love in the soul to keep

Supporting loved ones, their warmth

Nothing to replace!

May faithfulness be mutual

Love lives in your heart

In the family joy and happiness reign,

And all that interferes, will leave.

Congratulations and short poems on Family Day, love and fidelity for beloved friends

Poems for the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty - beautiful and touching congratulations on the holiday for mom, dad, beloved husband, friends and acquaintances

Good congratulations and short poems for the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty for your beloved friends should be prepared in advance. Before the holiday, this may simply not be enough time and will have to take the beaten, jaded words that no one will be able to please or surprise. This is not the best option and it is absolutely not suitable to welcome really close people. They need very sincere, sincere and kind words, containing gratitude for their presence alongside, comprehensive assistance and understanding. Do not be afraid of excessive frankness and too open expressions of sympathy. Day of family, love and loyalty is the best way to talk about your feelings and show emotions.

A harmonious addition to the congratulations in the verses will be the good wishes of kindness, personal happiness, mutual understanding and prosperity. Let these words are not new, but they are always pleasant and joyful to hear to everyone, regardless of age, sex, social status and religion.

A collection of congratulations and short poems for friends to the Day of Family, Love and Allegiance

Let the family give you joy

And home warmth,

Let her understanding prevail,

Respect, good.


Both love and loyalty will be

In your life forever

And don't let that change.

No separation, no year.


There are many values ​​in the world,

But the family is most important.

And it will not be important

Nothing and no one.

The words "family, love and loyalty"

A huge sense in itself is carried.

Where there is family, there is always tenderness,

Where love is - always waiting for us

And there, where loyalty - trust

Without unnecessary and unnecessary phrases.

Let these feelings flourish

And happiness surround us!

Happy Family Day, Happy Loyalty Day!

Happy holiday, family!

Happy love and tenderness

Our dear!


Let there be no reason

And the reasons for the quarrels,

Let the well-being

He will not leave the house.


Happiness and health

All your family

Sunny weather

In the house and in the shower!

Happy family, love and loyalty

I am in a hurry to congratulate you

Wish warmth and tenderness

In the festive fun hour!


Let fate smiles upon you

Peace reigns in the family, peace.

Let everything in life turn out

Happiness flows into the house of the river!

Family - reliable rear and fortress,

The foundation in it is love and loyalty.

Let love live in hearts

And glows in your eyes.


Live the fun and friendly.

Let it be in the house all that is needed:

Prosperity, joy and comfort.

Let them understand you and wait.

Mindful to tears poems on the Day of family, love and loyalty to her husband

Poems for the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty - beautiful and touching congratulations on the holiday for mom, dad, beloved husband, friends and acquaintances

Beautiful, sincere to tears poems on the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty to the husband should devote the spouse. On this wonderful holiday, you can tell your beloved everything that does not always have enough time in the active whirlpool of everyday life. Do not be shy or afraid to seem too touching and sentimental. Even the most serious, strict and, at first glance, restrained men listen with great pleasure to complements, pleasant words and declarations of love from their own wives.

You can read the heartfelt lines on a festive morning when the spouse just woke up and opened his eyes to meet the new day. Such a great start will inspire a husband and once again demonstrate how attentive and soulful his beloved woman is.

Not less successful option - write a greeting on a beautiful card and hand it to her husband personally. Another romantic way is to give the spouse a picture with poems through courier delivery. A man will be pleasantly surprised by the appearance on the doorstep of a courier who brought such a pleasant and touching package on a wonderful day.

Selection to tears of soulful poems for her husband on the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty

My dear, beloved, the only one

Now congratulations to you.

I am proud that fate is connected with you,

What are you - my half!


Family with you is the best in life.

And remember, I'm always with you.

In any life situation

I will not leave you, dear!


Let it be reciprocated with openness

And happiness, and loyalty, love.

I adore you, the only one

In love, I confess to you again!

My love, there is no one more expensive.

I am happy that we are family.

And in an instant, goosebumps cover the skin,

When you just look at me.


And Happy Family Day, I congratulate you,

I appreciate the care, I am your loyalty.

Be near forever promise.

And know that I love you very much.

I congratulate you, my dear

I have a family holiday.

I promise to love you

You keep me faithful.


And let it not be in our family

Sad days, longing.

I will be faithful to you,

And you love me.


And let us, in the family nest

Beats happiness over the edge.

And you are my husband, my love

Do not let out of your hands.

You, husband, congratulations

Family, love and loyalty,

I wish you and me

Always enough tenderness.


Each other loyalty, to keep,

Year by year, changing

It grew and strengthened so that the family,

She lived without anxiety.


I wish my love

We carefully kept

So day after day, year after year

Stronger we loved.

Beloved husband, I want to say that I love you,

And our family is very important to me,

I know that you are faithful to me, and I'm faithful to you,

And together we are not just a couple, but a whole country!


I want to wish you today with love,

So that our bed was always with you,

May our children live only in happiness and love,

And so that we together with you always and everyone could!

The best short poems in honor of the Family Day, love and loyalty to the beloved

Poems for the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty - beautiful and touching congratulations on the holiday for mom, dad, beloved husband, friends and acquaintances

The best short poems in honor of the Family Day, love and loyalty to a loved one is desirable to be recited personally. These words are of great importance and importance for any relationship. They help people maintain warmth and kindness among themselves, maintain feelings and revive emotions with touching flashes of tenderness.

If a loved one is far away on a beautiful holiday day, you can use a smartphone or tablet to film a greeting in verse on video, and then send the clip to a loved one via the Internet. Such an original greeting will make an indelible impression even on the inveterate skeptic and will long be remembered as a beautiful, reverent and inspirational gift that warms with warmth,despite the distance.

The best collection of short poems for the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty to the Beloved

My dear - my support,

Unique and dear,

With you I have the joy of talking

And it's good to be silent with you.


And on a holiday this kind, light

I wish you with all my heart

In all win victories,

In love, happy to be with me.


We are not family yet, but, nevertheless,

You are right - and I believe:

You are the best, and all you can!

And fate brought us together for good reason!

Happy family, love and loyalty

Congratulations, dear!

Rivers of the sun, mountains of tenderness,

Joy, love, dear!


Constancy and patience

Only white strip

Positive, mood,

In the morning - dew drops.


At noon - burning desire

Peace to hug, understand, forgive,

In the evening - in love of confession ...

After all, love and it means - to live!

Darling, you are all that I have.

When you're not with me, I'm afraid of fire.

You are my joy, love and hope,

I want you to know that I love you.


And on this day of loyalty, happiness, family,

I am glad that we found each other.

I want everything to be fulfilled

And I am always there, day and night.

Beloved, family day today,

Day of our loyalty, love.

I'll follow you everywhere,

You only, dear, call.


I love you, my dear, beloved.

And loyalty only keep you.

And every sweet moment together

I appreciate with gratitude ...

Do you know what happiness is?

No, not flowers or gifts,

Not a mountain of money, ornaments,

Though life seems sweet.


And happiness is to be loved,

Most love and accurately understand

That the one you love needs you

And I need you if you want to know!

Poems for Family Day, Love and Fidelity to Parents - Beautiful Congratulations to Mom and Dad

Poems for the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty - beautiful and touching congratulations on the holiday for mom, dad, beloved husband, friends and acquaintances

Gentle and moving poems on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity to Parents are the best option for a beautiful congratulation to my father and mother for a wonderful, kind holiday. It is best to say them in person, supplementing them with sweet wishes of marital happiness, mutual understanding, sincerity and long years of living together. To hear from your child, even if he has already grown up, such wonderful words to mom and dad will be more than pleasant.

If the parents live in another city or country and a personal meeting with him is difficult, it is appropriate to congratulate them by phone or arrange a live chat via Skype. This modern technology makes it possible at any time of the day or night to get in touch with close people and talk to them as if you are not thousands of miles from each other, but in one room.

The written method of holiday greetings will never become obsolete and will not lose relevance. To realize it, you need to buy or make an impressive greeting card with your own hands, write a poem on it, seal it in an envelope and send it by mail. It is better to do this in advance so that the cute gift comes as close as possible to the holiday, and not 3-4 days later.

A collection of beautiful greeting poems to the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty for Mom and Dad

Mom, Dad and I -

This is a friendly family!

I wish you this hour,

So that our hearth is not gone!


Let consent and peace

Our house is ruled by a feast

And care and love

Let guests here again and again!

I wish you a wonderful day in your family

Always love each other gently, gently,

Let the senses bloom like lilacs

And happiness, joy will be inevitable!


Let there be some kind words

Leverage support in difficult times

Let love be dizzy

And life leads on a new route!


Let the family expand, grow,

Its center may never be extinguished,

So that every day, week, month, year

At times it was lighter and more beautiful!

Day of Love, Family and Loyalty -

This is a celebration that of the two constellations formed,

And under the shadow of a bright night sky

The stars will light up again,

To give us all the happiness!

We will live by our own family,

To be happy together and be friends!

As it has long been conducted in Russia

With tricolor red-white-blue!

All country achievements

In the well-being of families.

And, often, orphans have no guilt,

What is hard for them among people.


For the light of the hearth,

With home cooking and coziness,

It happens that the family is strict,

But do not compare it with a shelter.


Let the family holiday live,

Let them strengthen the spirit of kinship.

For families where any naughty

We love not for his money.

Allow me to wish

You love on the occasion.

On the Day of the Family do not be discouraged

To live in prosperity!


No more expensive for people

Happiness of loved ones, their love.

It is difficult in a world without friends,

But there is no life without a family.


Peace in the family - a country stronghold,

The shaky wall of debris.

From family strong honeycombs -

The future for posterity.

Very beautiful and reverent poems with the Day of family, love and loyalty

Poems for the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty - beautiful and touching congratulations on the holiday for mom, dad, beloved husband, friends and acquaintances

Gentle, very beautiful and quivering poems with the Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness should be dedicated to relatives, friends and acquaintances. They are appropriate to be recited aloud, written on a postcard, sent as a sms or sent to an e-mail box.All methods of conveying holiday greetings are equally good and everyone can independently decide which option to choose.

For mom and dad you need to prepare an inspired and spiritual work about love, family understanding and other sublime feelings. A touching or heartfelt poem telling about the happiness a woman feels when she is next to such a responsible, attentive and reliable man will more suit her husband or her beloved boyfriend to tears. The words can be backed up by a postcard depicting Saint Peter and Fevronia, who carried through many trials of feeling and kept the fire in their hearts until the last day of their life.

For preschool children it is better to pick up simple, short and sonorous quatrains, which they will read on the day of the holiday at the matinee in kindergarten or at home at a family gala event.

Several beautiful and reverent poems on the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty

Family - our hearth is warm, gentle,

The family will support and understand.

May happiness be serene

Always reigns love, comfort.


Let the house laugh sparkling

Reigns good times.

The dream may turn into the truth,

Life will be full of joy.

Let's honor family values

Let us always love our loved ones,

After all, only in the family we will find support

May your house be always full!


Let children and adults always remember -

Family is the most important! After a year

Be able to carry your happiness,

Let only the best is waiting ahead!

Family - this is true happiness!

Love, second half,

And children are the fruit of mutual passion,

A woman's agreement with a man.


Let your family forever

In the first place remains

Only in this happiness of man,

And in life he will achieve everything!

Family means so much

Family is a simple word

Go family road

Live in love and peace.


Family is happiness and friendship

Cheerful and joyful laughter.

Family is an eternal service -

It’s not a sin to serve your family.


You love your kids

They are the continuation of you

Family values ​​are honored,

And happiness awaits you, without a doubt!

Let the family flourish,

Let loyalty, good and love

Lead you through life, friends,

Happy doing again!


May every wonderful moment

What has been done with the family

A smile will decorate your face,

And it will be like a dream!

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