Plazmofilling - a procedure by which the years are "erased" from the face

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
June 17, 2015
Plazmofilling - a procedure by which the years are "erased" from the face

Have you become upset about your own reflection in the mirror? Every day more and more wrinkles appear, and the shape of the face gradually changes its shape? How to deal with the first signs of aging?

Cosmetical tools? Folk recipes? As if they were not advertised, unfortunately, the effect of their use does not last long. Many representatives of the fair sex do not want to contact plastic surgeons, and each has its own reasons.

plasma liftingWhat to do to restore attractiveness and stop age-related changes? Today there is a way that many quite sincerely call the "elixir of youth." The technique does not require surgical intervention and is very effective. We are talking about plasmophiling, the procedure of rejuvenation with the help of our own blood, namely, plasma.

The procedure is completely safe, and its essence lies in the fact that the patient is administered by injection extract from her own blood. Its composition is what activates powerful self-healing processes in the body. This happens at the cellular level, so the result is visible almost immediately.

Plasmophiling effectively eliminates all age-related changes and restores the dermis, giving it a radiant look. With this procedure, the effects of acne are almost completely eliminated and visible mimic wrinkles are removed. The technique corrects facial contours and significantly reduces nasolabial folds. With the help of plasma injections, you can rejuvenate the skin in the neck and decollete.

It is noteworthy that regeneration affects not only the skin. After the procedure, the patient feels younger, noting an unprecedented surge of strength and vigor. Every day the effect of the manipulation only increases. This proves that the human body is capable of much!

The technique has practically no contraindications. After it is not required to stay in the hospital, but the rehabilitation period, as such, is simply not there.When will the effect be noticeable? A week after the procedure, and every day it will increase.

After one session, the effect lasts for a month (approximately). Full course - from two to six procedures. If necessary, re-injection of plasma can be carried out in six to twelve months. Whether to conduct an additional course - the doctor decides.

Are you still thinking about how to stop aging? The answer is found, it remains to take a chance.

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