Pictures and postcards for September 1 for preschoolers, first-graders and graduates


Funny, colorful pictures and funny postcards on September 1, it is accepted to give to first-graders, and future graduates of the school, and teachers. For young children it is better to choose a simple, but bright and catchy image. Children from middle and high school can be presented with a postcard with a funny plot, and behind the hand write some kind of humorous congratulation and funny wish. It is appropriate for a teacher, head teacher or director to pick up a retro-version and hand a postcard in the style of old Soviet images. A man of mature age will appreciate such an original sign of attention and be sure to single it out among all the other presents received.

Interesting pictures for September 1 for kindergarten - postcards and razukrashki for preschoolers

Six-year-old kids only know about school firsthand and this causes them to have some fear and alertness before September 1 and entering the first grade. To dispel the excitement and show student life from the most interesting and fascinating side, you can choose colorful pictures for the children and showcase how active and informative students spend their time with bright thematic images. This option of presenting information will be very successful and will allow the kids to forget all their fears and feel the optimistic and joyful student spirit.

Another great way is to find elaborate pictures with subjects on school subjects and suggest kindergarteners to color them of their own accord. In the process of completing the assignment, the children will learn that the blackboard should be brown, the chalk should be white, and the backpacks and pencil cases should be of bright, catchy shades. The knowledge of such a plan will be very useful for children in the future, when it comes time to put notebooks and textbooks in a briefcase, put on uniforms and send to get knowledge in school.







Variants of thematic coloring for preschool children on September 1 in kindergarten






Merry postcards for September 1 first-graders - farewell, congratulations and wishes on the Day of Knowledge

For every child, admission to the first class is a very bright, exciting and significant event. The whole family is preparing for it in advance. Moms and dads buy for children suitable form, satchel, office supplies and notebooks. Grandmothers and grandfathers give the child useful advice and remember how they themselves once went to school for the first time. Relatives, friends and acquaintances also do not stand aside and present to the future first-grader cute, touching postcards with thematic funny pictures and kind, sincere greetings from September 1. The seven-year-old are advised to study successfully at school, to be attentive in the classroom, to always obey the teachers, to be diligent and to please their relatives with excellent grades and exemplary behavior. Congratulatory words are usually pronounced out loud, because not all boys and girls of this age can already read and have the ability to make out the not always clear handwriting of an adult.

Listening to good wishes and words of farewell, the future first grader feels like the most important person in the house and is incredibly proud of his new status.He really wants to justify the hopes of loved ones and to do everything so that his relatives never have any reason for sadness or grief because of his school years.

Colorful postcards with congratulations on the occasion of September 1 for a first grader







Funny pictures and postcards for September 1 graduate from relatives and friends

To congratulate the future graduates on the coming of September 1 has long become a good, generally accepted tradition. Relatives and friends on this day present eleventh-graders with funny themed cards with funny images and verbally wish the children to unlearn their last year at school, improve the knowledge they need to successfully pass the EG, go to college and decide on their future profession.

Friends post virtual postcards on personal pages on social networks and write cool, funny and humorous greetings to each other, complementing them with cute, funny wishes to unlearn the last year at school easily and effortlessly, successfully write off difficult homework teacher in a lesson that is not learned. Of course, no one takes such phrases seriously, but they always provide an additional reason for sincere, kind laughter and good mood.And even after years, the guys always remember with pleasure these touching moments when they were still young and carefree, made grandiose plans for the future and were ready for anything to achieve their goals.

Variants of postcards with funny pictures for graduates on September 1







Wall newspapers and posters with pictures on September 1 for decorating classrooms in the school

To make the festive atmosphere on September 1 felt better and brighter in school, students prepare in advance colorful and catchy posters with thematic pictures, and then decorate their rooms, general auditoriums, assembly halls and sports halls. As events for such a design, various events from school life are chosen, for example, they depict on paper a student in charge at the blackboard or a teacher leading a lesson. Elegant children who go to school on September 1, or children who give flowers to their favorite teachers, look no less successful.

Another winning variant of festive decor, which schoolchildren can do with their own hands, is a wall newspaper. Its format allows you to combine an image with text and combine several application techniques together (application / drawing / photo / collage, etc.).The result is a completely unique product that reflects the style of each class and allows boys and girls to show creative thinking, creativity and imagination.

Examples of posters and wall newspapers on September 1 for school







Cute pictures for September 1 and Knowledge Day - holiday drawings for children

On September 1, at a class hour devoted to the Day of Knowledge, children should be invited to first listen to interesting information about the holiday, and then draw on paper some funny, colorful plot from school life. This will make the solemn atmosphere a little less formal and will help the children to relax. Then with these works you can decorate an office where classes are held, or present them as exhibits for a school creative competition for children and youth talents.

Ideas for children's drawings about September 1 and Knowledge Day







Soviet pictures and postcards on September 1 - touching congratulations on the holiday for schoolchildren

Vintage Soviet postcards and pictures on the topic of September 1, despite their simplicity and ingenuity, are now in great demand.Rare images of optimistic, joyful and self-confident Octobrists, pioneers and Komsomol members running to school with a briefcase and a lush bouquet of flowers, are happy to place on their pages on social networks modern schoolchildren. Printing studios take orders and print out small print runs of old postcards on progressive equipment, which are then sent to bookstores and newsstands for sale. Buyers with great pleasure purchase such products and give postcards with touching pictures to all familiar school children, from first-graders to graduates.

I like Soviet postcards to the teaching staff of schools very much. The teachers belonging to the older generation, looking at these cute images, happily recall their childhood and youth who went to the great and friendly Soviet Country.

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