Peony tincture

Peony tinctureInsomnia, nervous disorders, increased emotional sensitivity - problems that increasingly disturb a person in the modern world. They cause irritability and fatigue, lead to fatigue and a depressed state. Not coping with the problems on their own, many resort to using chemicals. But, unfortunately, such products have many side effects.


Therefore, experts advise to give preference to more natural tinctures, consisting of useful natural ingredients. One of these is alcoholic pion tincture.


The peony deviating perennial plant has unique properties and is widely used for medicinal purposes. The tincture is made from its roots and the ground part, it has a peculiar smell and looks like a transparent brownish liquid. You can easily find it in a regular pharmacy.


Pion tincture - application


This tool, long known in folk medicine, has a beneficial effect on the entire body, providing a complex effect.It is often used for insomnia, vegetative-vascular dystonia, alcoholism, and other neurotic problems.


In addition, doctors prescribe treatment with peony tincture for sleep disorders, irritability, emotional disorders, as well as chronic dermatitis. It is also used to normalize metabolism, increase endorphins production, improve mood and relieve cramps.


It can increase the acidity of the stomach, have an anti-inflammatory effect. Favorably affects the performance and produces a calming effect.


Peony tincture - instructions for use


1. Treatment is prescribed by a specialist individually.
2. The course of treatment depends on the nature of the disease and the characteristics of the organism.
3. Most often this remedy is applied on 15-20 drops three times a day for 10-15 minutes before meals.
4. Usually the duration of the course ranges from a couple of weeks to a month.
5. Depending on the desired effect and results, the course can be repeated after several months.


Contraindications and side effects


Peony tincture


Before taking the peony tincture, be sure to consult with your doctor. He will be able to prescribe you the necessary dosage and select a comprehensive treatment option for diseases.Among the main contraindications of the drug is increased acidity of the stomach, as well as low blood pressure. In addition, it is not recommended to use the tool during pregnancy and lactation.


This tincture has several side effects. With a strong overdose, it can cause dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, low blood pressure, and allergic reactions. When treating, it is advisable not to drive and not to perform work that requires quick reactions or special attention.
You can also use water infusion of peony, it increases appetite, improves digestion, and also enhances the secretion of gastric juice.


Peony tincture - reviews


On the Internet, you can find a large number of positive comments about this tool. Many people write about his wonderful soothing effects, as well as the positive effect on his emotional state. In addition, boys and girls, guided by their experience, recommend trying this infusion to people with a very hot-tempered character.


Those who have suffered from insomnia before, note that the drug helps to quickly and effectively cope with this problem. It also helps to improve the mood and general psychological state of a person.


Therefore, if you are worried about chronic fatigue, depression and fatigue, try treatment with the help of a pion setting. Consult your doctor about the use of this tool to get a positive result as soon as possible. Do not forget that this tincture consists of natural ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the human body. Perhaps, having tried to apply this natural remedy, you will forget about harmful chemical preparations that have side effects.

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