Partner selection criteria

Partner selection criteriaWhat are the criteria for choosing a partner ... As we will see in the future, quite often the attraction is very destructive. But now we are talking about something else: an elusive and attractive "aura," which is inherent in every person who is afraid of nobody and nothing and is open to people. After completing my second task, you will regain this attraction - or, perhaps, for the first time, awaken it.


Criteria for choosing a partner and your actions:
1. Agree with one of your friends, and report to him or her at the end of each week. By phone, email, and a cup of coffee, report on the implementation of the plan - five new acquaintances a week. And do not forget about our three conditions.


2. Get down to business. You can talk to people anywhere and talk to them about anything. The task is to interest the interlocutor. Sometimes it takes a few minutes. Marriages often begin with two or three sentences. You do not need to know anything about the interlocutor. Do not think about whether he will like you or not .. Do not guess about whether your relationship will continue.Your goal is to give the other person the opportunity to become interested in you.


3. Observe your reactions and conditions: fears, judgments, lack of self-confidence, feelings, cravings, impulses, and so on. Pay attention to how you perceive a person: he (she) is too free-thinking, conservative, fat, thin, small, tall, and so on. Write down all your discoveries. Records will be useful to you at the next stages of the program.

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