Pajamas as a suit - the main trend of the upcoming spring

Suit cut

The top should sit like a jacket, not greatly expanding downwards, and not look like a man's shirt size XL, which you frankly great. Pants are better to choose shortened (that is, at least one size smaller than usual for pajamas) and narrowed, rather than voluminous and flared.

Street style

Expensive jewelry

Large gold and pendants, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other precious stones, which are usually removed and not worn at the entrance to the bedroom. The larger and more noticeable the decorations, even against the background of a bright pattern on pajamas, the more interesting.

Street style

Classical high-heeled shoes

Black, strict and suitable for any crazy alongside shoes will be just right, and the less it will resemble comfortable shoes (and, therefore, not associated with home shoes), the better.

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