How to cook punk pork at home

How to make pancakes at home Pancakes are a food that is popular in the United States and Canada. Before serving, they are watered with sweet syrup. The name comes from the words “pan” and “cake” - a frying pan and cake. In general.

The highlight of your garden: curly trees

The highlight of your garden: curly trees Walking through the city park, you probably noticed shorn trees and bushes of interesting geometric shapes: round, oval, square, figures of animals, arches, etc. This is an original and non-trivial way to transform the site without spending.

Top 7 most funny Guinness records

Top 7 most funny Guinness records The Guinness Book of Records was originally planned as a serious publication, an authoritative source, including proven scientific facts. However, with the advent of popularity and increasing sales, not only incredible, but sometimes absurd or amusing achievements have.

30 fillings for pancakes

30 fillings for pancakes If you want delicious pancakes and pancakes, this article is a godsend for you. We collected 30 delicious fillings for pancakes: meat, fish, vegetables and sweet. Try and do not be afraid to experiment! There are dozens of variations of.

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