Do-it-yourself book

Do-it-yourself book The book at all times was considered a good gift. Nowadays is not only a gift, but also a serious waste of money. However, as in many other things, you can save money here. After all, the book is very easy to.

Crochet white socks

Crochet white socks We crochet cute white socks for the home. The master class is quite simple and suitable for beginner needlewomen. Materials and tools: Novita Tennessee yarn (100% mercerized cotton, 107 m / 50 g) - 100 g white; hook number 3. Legend.

How to Become Bold

How to become bolder? Svetlana Rumyantseva Courage is a necessary attribute of a successful person. Determination and mountains can move, and win the heart of the first beauty or an enviable groom. Belief in yourself gains the trust of others. "The courage of the.

Santa Claus Mailbox

Santa Claus Mailbox New Year is approaching, children and adults in anticipation of holiday festivities, skating and sledding, bright lights on Christmas trees and long-awaited gifts from Santa Claus. However, the New Year holidays are approaching in kindergarten and in school, for which parents.

DIY Easter Wreath

Easter very soon is one of the main Orthodox holidays. And although this is not a tradition, many creative people want to create such an interior piece as a wreath. In this article I will show how, without spending a lot of time and.

Crocheted monkey

Crocheted monkey The monkey is the patron saint of the coming 2016 on the Chinese calendar. Therefore, the closer the holidays, the more people rush to the shops for souvenirs depicting this funny animal. And we suggest not to rush to shop, because the.

Coffee with cognac

Coffee with cognac Black coffee and cognac are considered to be drinks that perfectly match with each other, harmonizing the taste and aroma. many people love and drink in the evening overcast in the autumn, because it gives a powerful charge of energy, helps.

Birthday Chocolate

Chocolate birthday party It is always nice to give presents to friends, relatives and colleagues, and therefore a piece of your soul and your love must be invested in every gift so that it is especially nice. For example, you were invited to a.

Crochet baby bag

Crochet baby bag We bring to your attention a beautiful and original crocheted handbag for girls. Even a beginning needlewoman can make it in a few hours or in one evening. For work, we will need white cotton threads - 100 grams, hook No.

New Year's Carafe

New Year's Carafe In order to create such an original decanter for the New Year, one should have patience and necessary materials. Tare can be used any, at your discretion. Any beautiful bottle will fit. In this master class, we used conventional acrylic paints.

Shorts for a boy

Boy Shorts I'll tell you how easy and costly to sew shorts for a boy with his own hands. All we need is an old, out-of-use skirt or pants from an adult, crayon, scissors, a piece of pattern paper, a needle and thread, an.

Valentine Flavor

Valentine flavor Valentine's Day is a holiday of all lovers and sympathetic people, on this day gifts, candies, flowers and valentines are presented. The gift with your own hands was and will remain the most valuable and pleasant, let it not be an expensive.

Designer Jewelry

Designer Jewelry Designer - a welcome gift for beautiful ladies. High style, premium quality and compliance with the latest fashion trends distinguish such products from all others. But they say that designer jewelry has a soul. Creating them, the master of the business puts.

Sock Mouse Toy

Sock Mouse Toy Materials and tools: 2 multi-colored socks; 4 black buttons for eyes; synthetic winterizer as a filler; foam balls for spout; glue gun; scissors; marker; sewing machine; needle and thread. Step 1 And so we take a sock and mark the body.

Felt Painting

Painting from felt Volumetric soft compositions can decorate any room. Their unusual texture will fill the interior with contrast of color and shape, will help to emphasize the individual style of the owner, will be a spectacular transition between zones or just the hallmark.

Clay ashtray

Clay ashtray This ashtray at the same time commemorates the fish and the sea shell. Using the idea, you can blind a lot of shells and fish of all kinds of suits. Take a piece of clay the size of a fist and spread.

Slavic miracle

Slavic miracle Croatia - this is a country, visiting which you will be happy. This is a country of contrasts. Here you can relax both on warm sand and on excursions in the mountains. This is an amazing place where people are passed on.

Flower Bezel

Floral rim It's summer already. Everything is blooming all around, but the girls who have flourished most of all, who now and then perk, make different hairstyles. To date, headbands with flowers have entered the trend. After wearing such a bezel, the girl becomes.

Making Corals

Making corals Anyone who has ever seen corals in the sunlit lagoon of the tropical sea or in the ultramarine depth of Sharm el-Sheikh will always retain the first impression - this is a real underwater paradise. Not all corals are equally attractive: there.

Tele2 Bonuses

Tele2 Bonuses Activation of the operator’s bonus program provides Tele2 subscribers with the possibility of rational use of funds that are received into their personal account. Points are awarded for each call, sending SMS or MMS messages, so the accumulation passes completely unnoticed. This.

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