How to make a cud at home: cooking features

How to make a cud at home: cooking features Few people know, but chewing gum was known to man even before our era. An early prototype of chewing gum was discovered by archaeologists in the territory of modern Finland. The age of the artifact.

How to cook a tasty quail

How to cook a delicious quail? If you are tired of common dishes from ordinary ingredients, then make something interesting from unusual ingredients. For example, buy quail and cook a gorgeous dinner. What it is? Quail is a small bird from the genus of.

Furry Christmas Paper

Fluffy paper Christmas tree By the coming of the New Year, the children are preparing very actively: they make Christmas trees, garlands, decorate the tree. Such a fluffy Christmas tree can even make a preschooler out of paper. Of course, if an adult helps.

Makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes NATA KARLIN The color of the brown eyes is considered one of the most common in the world. They are sung by poets, songs are composed of them, they emit a special warmth and tenderness. Make-up for brown eyes is.

How to drink water during sports

How to drink water during sports? As is known, approximately 70-80% of people are made up of water, so drinking liquid is extremely important. And since during physical exertion a part of the moisture goes away, it is necessary to replenish its reserves. But.

Fire without matches

Firefighting without matches It’s not as difficult to light a fire without matches, as it may seem at first glance. Having learned this, you will be able to get out of a difficult situation. The duration of survival depends on your ability to make.

Diets that do not work

Diets that do not work To say that they all did not work, I can not. Eating for a week or two according to a scheme strictly prescribed by someone there, I, of course, lost weight a little bit ... and quickly gained again.

Why is it better to go to Portugal for the New Year?

Why is it better to go to Portugal for the New Year? Surely you have met the New Year at home many, many times. If this holiday you want to go to some other place, then take an unforgettable trip to Portugal! New Year.

Draw a pattern on a plate

Draw a pattern (pattern) on the plate Materials and tools: plates; pattern (pattern); fine sandpaper; glue stick; primer; black paint (or other color); masking tape; scissors; A paper knife. Step 1 We take a plate and paste the inside of the masking tape. We.

Crop sheepskin - season hit

Crop sheepskin - season hit Sheepskin coat is a practical and stylish thing. It is warm enough, and perfectly warm in the winter frost. But today we will talk about cropped coats - short models, which were especially chosen by the designers of many.

How can I hold back tears

How can you hold back tears? Crying - the body's natural reaction to stressful situations. Experience, fear, anger, disappointment, joy and pride can cause tears in our eyes. By itself, crying is necessary, especially when a person has no opportunity to express his feelings.

The most delicious pizza

The most delicious pizza The most delicious pizzais a pizza recipe. Ingredients: Dough: 500 grams of flour; pinch of salt; 2 tbsp. l. olive oil 250-300 ml of warm water; 15 grams of dry yeast. Stuffing: 2 bell peppers; 200 grams of any mushrooms;.

How to apply the cream

How to apply the cream All ladies are interested in making the face cream bring maximum benefit. To do this, it is necessary to competently approach the choice of the cream for the face, but also a great role is played by knowing how.

Profitable credit card

Profitable credit card A credit card, with reasonable use, is a universal means of payment, allowing you to save time and make the necessary purchases without thinking about cash in your wallet. Cash back is a return of a part of the spent funds.

How to tie a hat and a crochet - training for beginners

How to tie a hat with knitting needles and crochet - training for beginners What warms a person in winter? Battery, cup of tea and warm clothes. In the article I will tell you how to knit a hat with knitting needles and crochet.

Colored Paper Donkey

Colored paper donkey From a simple double-sided half-cardboard you can come up with a lot of things and bring them to life. For example, a donkey crafts. Required materials: - sheets of paper of white, brown and yellow color; - bulk double-sided tape on.

Octopuses of Threads

Octopus of Threads Want to entertain your child? Spend a few minutes for an exciting process of making a thread octopus. Attract the kid to this entertaining work - he will be delighted. You will need: • Threads • • Scissors • A small.

Decorating Hairpins

Hairpin Decoration Various hairstyles play an important role in the life of a girl of any age. The stores have a large number of fantastic hair ornaments. But it is not always possible to find exactly what you need. Then your diligence and diligence.

Ideas Video Love Story

Ideas Video Love Story Today, photo and video shooting is considered an essential attribute of every wedding ceremony. For this purpose, they often turn to the services of professionals or, in extreme cases, conduct amateur surveys. Recently, however, the creation of the Love Story.

How to diversify sex

How to diversify sex? How to diversify sex? How to diversify sex? Sooner or later, in 2 years or 15 years, one way or another, but you will feel that monotony in sex has become boring. This feeling will oppress you. After all, at.

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