Extra shelf for backlit table

Extra shelf for backlit table We make an additional shelf for the backlit tablefrom theboard. This is an excellent and convenient solution to make from a regular and inexpensive table of IKEA a full and functional computer desk. Materials and tools: table; board of.

Night lamp with light pattern

Night lamp with a light pattern A night light with a light pattern- a simple project, but with a picturesque light effect. Similar lamps can beautifully illuminate the courtyard, as well as the room, choosing the picture you like. Materials and tools: metal can;.

How to prepare the body for a summer party

How to prepare the body for a summer party Summer party charges take longer. Ideally, you should have time to do not only the makeup of the body, but also the face. We tell you what highlighters, powders and balms will be able to.

What can be done with Kirigs

What is kirigami? Many of us know such a name as origami, in other words, the art of folding from ordinary paper a wide variety of figures. Needless to say, this kind of hand-made for some is even a favorite hobby and a wonderful.

How to clean suede shoes - the best ways and means

How to clean suede shoes - the best ways and means The attractiveness of suede products is often judged to be of secondary importance, because thoughts about the future problematic cleaning of a new pair of shoes from noble material come to the fore.

Talk about infidelity or not

Tell me about infidelity or not? N's eyes were as big as two seas. Waves of righteous anger raged in them. Just an hour ago, N caught the husband of his girlfriend with his mistress. - I get out, it means, from the subway.

Feel the real care of nature

Feel the true care of nature! It so happened that the life path of the majority of the inhabitants of our beautiful and immense planet is inextricably linked with megacities, large, medium and very tiny towns. The city, in turn, is characterized by the.

What is miswak and how is it useful

What is useful miswak? If you want to maintain healthy teeth and prefer natural remedies, try using miswak. But first find out what it is. What is it? What is miswak? This is a natural stick, designed to clean the teeth and obtained from.

How to get rid of black dots on the nose at home

How to get rid of black dots on the nose at home Black dots are common acne that is not covered in skin. Since they have free access to air, oxidation of the outermost layer leads to darkening. It is bad for the beauty.

Bauble with Elephant Pattern

Bauble with Elephant Pattern Bauble with Elephant pattern- weave a beautiful Bauble from an embroidery thread of a floss, decorated with elephants. Weaving is not as complicated as it may seem, and not much different from weaving baubles with a simple pattern, the main.

Simple fabric for chain mail

Simple fabric for chain mail A simple way to weave fabrics for making chain mail. Designation of the color of the rings in the pictures: blue - inactive or finished rings green - the active ring, which is used to pass through other rings;.

What is useful for us fennel

What is useful for us fennel? Many of those who see fennel for the first time can confuse its stems with ordinary dill, because they are really very similar in appearance, they even belong to the same family, but still are different types of.

How to choose and buy a good speaker system

How to choose and buy a good speaker system? High-quality sound is always a big investment. And although each person evaluates what he hears, especially individually, the relationship between the quality of sound equipment and its value is objective. Acoustic systems are an extensive.

How to deal with bodybuilder

How to deal with bodybuilding? To lose weight and put in shape a figure, it is not necessary to go to the gym. One single and very simple simulator is quite enough. But before you start training, find out how to choose this projectile.

Pros and cons of a round bed

Pros and cons of a round bed The bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom. And so that it not only performs the function of a sleeping place, but also is a bright and interesting accent of the room, pay attention.

How to make a hairdo itself - step by step tips

How to make a hairdo itself - step by step tips Any woman wants to shine daily styling, but not everyone can always visit beauty salons. Therefore, the question of how to make the hair itself, is still open. To the result of the.

Than to be treated at a flu

What is the treatment for flu? Comments (5) February 5th at 7:51 am | Reaferon-Lipint I drink with the flu, it helps me a lot. He writes out the therapist. Besides, I don’t drink anything, the temperature drops on the second day of his.

Choosing a clutch correctly

Choosing a clutch correctly In recent years, this modest thing has become a favorite object of designer fantasies. And it ceased to be an attribute of exclusively glamorous parties. Clutches surely took their place among everyday things. Despite the obviousness of the trend, many.

50 shades of gray - the worst film of the year

"50 shades of gray" - the worst film of the year While Leonardo DiCaprio shines his golden statuette to shine and sends the rays of light and heat to director Alejandro Gonzalez Inyarrita for having invited him to the lead role in The Survivor.

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