Original Christmas toys made of felt

Original Christmas toys made of feltNot far off the New Year, and many are already thinking about how beautiful and elegantly decorate your home, including the Christmas tree. On the eve of this holiday stores are beginning to be filled with a variety of decorations. But if you want to fill your living space with a special warmth, there is no better way than to make new-year felt toys on your own. After all, love, soul and mood are invested in each craft, which creates a unique magical aura. This decor will, among other things, save on all preparations.

Great material for crafts

You will have no difficulty in making Christmas toys out of felt, the patterns of which can be invented by yourself or found on the Internet. You do not even need a sewing machine, all products, especially small ones, can be sewn by hand, most importantly - purchase fabric and choose patterns of New Year's toys from felt. This surprisingly colorful, soft and gentle material is pleasant in work that will allow to create the most extraordinary New Year's toys.You can decorate with your own crafts not only a house or a Christmas tree, you can present them as a gift to friends, acquaintances, employees and relatives, which will cause the most pleasant emotions and sensations. You can even make the main attribute of the New Year - a felt tree, the pattern of which is also made easy. The most popular crafts from this amazing fabric were always Christmas trees and Christmas socks. But now the variety of Christmas toys is amazing. This is all kinds of hearts, different little animals, garlands, stars, etc.
Original Christmas toys made of felt

Necessary materials for making Christmas toys

  • felt of different colors.
  • cardboard patterns to make the patterns of Christmas toys.
  • multi-colored thick threads and the usual thin.
  • Buttons, beads, rhinestones, ribbons, laces, stripes.
  • scissors, needle, glue.
  • synthetic winterizer, cotton wool or a filler from silicone.

Original Christmas toys made of felt

Instructions for doing hand-made articles

By the same principle, almost all the New Year's toys made of felt with their own hands are made. Patterns to them, you can think for yourself, embodying all their design ideas.

  1. We begin to tinker with patterns. On thick paper or cardboard draw future decoration.
  2. Carefully cut the workpiece.
  3. We attach the form to the material, circle it and then cut out two identical parts of our crafts.
  4. We sew with two thick threads on the front side. If the future decoration is planned for a large size, then sew on the wrong side and then turn it over on the face. It is better to sew small creations with your hands, but a sewing machine is useful for large ones.
  5. Large works at this stage are filled with any filling through the small hole provided, into which then we place a loop.
  6. Secure the rope or ribbon.
  7. We decorate with various elements, including felt applications.

As you can see, it is very simple to make toys on the Christmas tree from felt, the patterns of which are also easily cut. If you have never worked with this material, try to make the most simple crafts using our example.
Original Christmas toys made of felt

Patterns of Christmas trees made of felt

Cut out two identical triangles from the green material, and two small rectangles for the trunk of the tree from the brown one. Dress up all the blanks with beads, embroidery or buttons. Next, sew the shape of a Christmas tree, inserting a brown piece of cloth.Before the end of sewing, you can place a little padding polyester or cotton wool, and attach a loop of tape to the top.

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