Original Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe

That cheesecake, which is prepared with the use of blueberries, becomes unusually purple in color, thanks to which such pastries look incredibly original. By the way, cooks say that such an unusual color and striation are the real highlight of cheesecake. The classic cheesecake recipe is different.

To make a blueberry striped cheesecake, you need a set of the following components:

- homemade cottage cheese (520 g);
- Cookies (320 g);
- butter (160 g);
- granulated gelatin (62 g);
- sour cream with a high percentage of fat (510 g);
- Cream cheese ready (210 g);
- usual sugar sand (320 g);
- berries of fresh blueberry (310 g).

To begin with, crush the cookies into a crumb, then melt the high-quality butter, mix the two components and immediately put them on the bottom of a detachable form, like a crust. Next, wipe the cottage cheese through a sieve, and if there is no sieve, you can beat this component with a blender,then put the sour cream in a separate bowl, pour in the required amount of granulated sugar, mix thoroughly, add to the curd mass.

At first, fresh blueberries should be washed well, after sorting out, then brought to a puree-like state, put a third of whipped or grated curd in berry puree, mix this mixture very thoroughly.

Instant granulated gelatin should be prepared according to the instructions given on the package, as soon as it is brought to the desired state, it should be divided into two equal parts, one of them should be put into bilberry-curd mass, and the other - into curd.

In the central part of the biscuit cake, lay out alternately the curd mass first purple (three tablespoons), then white (three tablespoons). Colored layers should be laid out until the whole curd mass is completely finished.

Next, blueberry striped cheesecake should be put at four or five hours in the refrigerator.

After the required time has passed, the cooked blueberry cheesecake must first be carefully removed from the mold, then additionally decorated with abundant cottage cheese cream.

Hostess on the note

Fresh blueberries are sold in certain seasons, and if they are not in the markets, and in stores its cost is very high, then you can use a more affordable and cheaper option - frozen blueberry berries.
By the way, housewives can cook a cheesecake not only from blueberries, but also from other berries.

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