Orange Tree Bead

Orange Tree BeadBeadwork has come to us for a long time and has taken pride of place among needlewomen and hand-made lovers. Now you can find bags, wallets, jewelry, decorative elements and much more from beads.

If you want to make yourself or your family a beautiful and unusual souvenir, we will gladly help you with this.

Orange tree from beads: master class

To make such a beautiful orange tree we need:

  • 120 g of green beads;
  • 20-30 pieces large glass beads or beads (for oranges);
  • fine and coarse wire;
  • glue, alabaster, scissors, nippers, a brush, paints.

To begin with we measure 80 cm of thin wire, we put on it glass beads, three green beads and fix it as shown in the picture. Then from 7 beads we make a leaf. They should be 3 pieces.Orange Tree Bead

We twist the wire, retreat a little and form more leaves and trunk. So we repeat several times.Orange Tree Bead

Combining several branches, we form a large branch.Orange Tree Bead

Next, do the triple branches with and without oranges.Orange Tree Bead

It is necessary to make five such triple branches, then wrap the wire with glued thread and fix.Orange Tree Bead

Next, we form the tree itself, connecting all the branches at once and twisting the trunk.Orange Tree Bead

In any shape suitable for you (cream jar, box or deep bowl) covered with cellophane or film, we pour alabaster, after having first sunk a tree there. We are waiting until dry.Orange Tree Bead

We get the product. We cover the twigs and trunk with alabaster and again wait until it hardens well.Orange Tree Bead

With the help of a brush and paints we decorate a tree to your taste.

It turns out a beautiful orange tree from beads.

Orange bonsai tree

Orange Tree BeadFor work we need:

  • 150 g of green beads;
  • 25-30 pieces large glass beads or beads (for oranges);
  • fine and coarse wire;
  • glue, alabaster, scissors, nippers, sponge, vase, paint.

First, using the technique of French weaving, do the leaves for the tree. To do this, we put 50 green beads on the wire and form a leaf of three rows. We need a lot of such leaves. It all depends on the size of the tree.Orange Tree Bead

Orange Tree Bead

We put three green beads on the wire, then bugles and fasten them to a branch with one or two leaves.Orange Tree Bead

By means of a wire we fasten together 2-3 branches.Orange Tree Bead

In the same way we form large branches.Orange Tree Bead

We wind the trunk with a thin wire.Orange Tree Bead

Join the branches together.Orange Tree Bead

We twist the wire branches.Orange Tree Bead

Now we form a tree from large branches. Then pour alabaster into the vase and insert the tree, hold it until it dries completely. Instead of the earth, I took a finely chopped sponge and painted it with colors. Here you can show your imagination and come up with something interesting.Orange Tree Bead

Here is a tree bonsai you get in the end.

How to weave a cranberry tree bead

Orange Tree BeadTo make such a cranberry tree, you need:

  • large green and red beads;
  • rough wire;
  • sea ​​salt, colorful stones and glass beads;
  • glue, alabaster, scissors, nippers, a brush, paints.

To begin with, we form twigs with red beads, twisting 5 beads together.Orange Tree Bead

We make green branches, we connect them to 3 pcs. along with the red ones.Orange Tree Bead

We twist the barrel, insert it into the mold with alabaster and wait until it dries.Orange Tree Bead

We take out of the form, we decorate it, we glue the pebbles and glass beads on top and sprinkle with salt for the bath.Orange Tree Bead

All! The tree is ready.
Now you can definitely make one of these beautiful crafts made of beads, thereby pleased yourself and your own beautiful gift, made with your own hands from the heart.

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