Oksana Samoilova attacked because of the dress of the eldest daughter

According to the subscribers of the mummies with many children, Ariel is dressed not at the age - as if she has gathered in the office.

The wife of rapper Dzhigana Oksana Samoilova is not only a mother of three children, but also a designer. She sews clothes for both adults and children. She herself and her daughters often act as models. Well, why not? All beauties, as on selection. It is not surprising that almost 7 million subscribers follow the life of a stellar family, admiring smiling girls.

However, there will always be dissatisfied. So this time, it was worth Oksana to show a photo of her eldest daughter, Ariel, in a snow-white summer suit, as a barrage of criticism rained down. The subscribers didn’t like the skirt with the smell, the elongated jacket, the T-shirt in the trendy underwear style. But Oksana was just glad for her daughter that she no longer needed to wear a school uniform: holidays!

Oksana Samoilova, Ariel
Photo: @samoylovaoxana

“That's why it is? Skirt, T-shirt. Is it a children's outfit? Where are thingies, bows, flowers? The girl is six years old, and she was dressed like an office. ” In short, readers' claims could be reduced to similar remarks.

Oksana’s defenders reminded everyone that she was actually a designer. So she knows better how it is fashionable to dress up children now, but how not.

“Children are always pleased to dress in the same way as mother. You might think you didn't drag mother's dresses from the closet. And in general, look at yourself, ”the Ariel fans were angry.

Oksana did not respond to poisonous cues. It is right - there are many comments, and she is alone. For three kids, her attention is definitely more necessary than the "evil viewers."

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