Okonshch.pro: production and installation of plastic windows of European quality at an affordable price.

Plastic windows in the home II-18/12Okonschik.pro company conducts the campaign "Two for the price of one" in Moscow and its suburbs. Until the end of March 2016, when ordering plastic windows, the firm http://okonshik.pro/ustanovka-plastikovyh-okon/ii-18/12.html installs a two-chamber double-glazed window with energy-saving glass at the price of a single-chamber.

Double-glazed windows provide reliable protection from cold, damp and drafts, and let in natural light. With such windows in any apartment will be warm and cozy. Window designs made by modern technologies do not require complex maintenance and serve for decades. Attractive appearance will decorate any interior.

Works by Okonshch.pro

Over the years, the company has installed thousands of window units of standard and complex configuration and collected a database of all production houses in Moscow.

Plastic windows for houses of the ll-18/12 series are especially popular among the townspeople. These are twelve-story “towers” ​​with one entrance, built of expanded clay concrete blocks in the 60–70s of the last century.

When installing windows for houses of the ll-18/12 series, two-wing and three-leaf constructions are used. A single window is installed near the door to the balcony. This configuration ensures maximum sunlight penetration.

The thickness of the walls is 400 mm, which in most cases allows the use of standard components for installation: sills, sills, slopes. Using standard parts significantly reduces the cost of the finished window. But using standard sizes is not always possible. The main drawback of these houses is uneven shrinkage. Over time, the geometry of the window opening may change. Therefore, before installing, you must call the measurer.

The measurement is made within 1–2 days after the application at a convenient time for you. The wizard will answer all your questions in detail, show photos of ready-made solutions, calculate the volume and cost of the work needed.  PVC windows in the house II-18/12 Windows are delivered on a specially equipped vehicle. Double-glazed windows are carefully packed and wrapped with a trailing film to protect against damage. Installers arrive at exactly the appointed time. Installation is made with modern tools using high-quality sealants. A great practical experience of workers guarantees quick and high-quality installation.

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