Official, comic and funny congratulations on Medic Day in verse, prose, sms and postcards. Medic Day in Russia 2016

The Day of Medical Workers is a celebration of people who have dedicated themselves to the noble cause of preserving the health and lives of their fellow citizens. Every year on every third Sunday of June, we remember and honor all those who work tirelessly with a scalpel, test tubes, stethoscopes, blood glucose meters, inhalers and bandages in their hands. On this day, every employee of the medical field - from a medical orderly to a pathologist - deserves universal gratitude. Let us together pick up the most beautiful and official congratulations on Medical Day in verses, pictures or prose for doctors and nurses to present to their colleagues, friends or relatives-doctors on the appointed day.

Congratulations on the Day of Medic

Beautiful congratulations on the Day of Medic 2016 in verses

The medical profession is one of the oldest in the world. From the most ancient times, “doctor's” treated sick patients and alleviated their pain at the time of injuries, surgeries, childbirth, etc. At the same time, the official professional holiday of physicians was established only in 1980 by the decree of the Supreme Council “On memorable and festive dates”. Since then, many healthcare professionals attend annual gala concerts and receive beautiful congratulations on Medic Day on the 3rd Sunday of June.

Most doctors and medical staff spend their professional holiday in the workplace. Unfortunately, human diseases have no graphics. Give friends a familiar congratulations to doctors on Medical Day - they are sure to be delighted.

Official congratulations on Medical Day to colleagues

The profession of a medical worker requires from the specialist not only professional skills and deep knowledge, but also extraordinary balance, responsibility, complaisance, the ability to sympathize, maintain and intelligibly explain. The doctor must always be brave and confident. After all, it is not at all easy to be responsible for someone else's health.Prepare the best official congratulations on Medical Day to colleagues, let them feel like real heroes on this day.
Congratulations on the Day of Medic

Comic and funny congratulations on the Day of the physician (verses)

Comic and funny congratulations on the Day of the physician - one of the sections of thin and witty medical humor. Funny poems and prose texts related to the curiosities and specifics of medical practice can be almost the best greeting on a professional holiday. In addition, humor prolongs life, which is more than relevant in the field of health workers. The best comic greetings for the Day of the physician with jokes look further:

The best congratulations on the Day of the physician in verses

The best congratulations in verses always sound solemn, sincere and very sincere, especially if they are presented to assiduous doctors for the Medical Day. The accuracy of the diagnoses depends on the decisions of the doctor, and hence the state of health of the patients. From the skill and dexterity of nurses - the quality of the procedures and manipulations. With the help of orderlies, the sick are in the right conditions and are more likely to stand on their feet. And laboratory assistants, having deep knowledge in biology and chemistry, are able to competently perform the necessary analysis.Literally every medical worker is an indispensable link, without which the chain will be incomplete and incorrect. All of them are necessary and important, so everyone deserves the best congratulations on the Medical Day in verse.

Congratulations on the Day of Medic 2016 in prose

Every year, on the eve of the third Sunday of June, solemn meetings are held, where at the state level special professionals are awarded special diplomas and beautiful prosaic congratulations on the Day of Medic. On a festive day, all the clinics of Russia are honored by the heroes of the health sector, wishing them longevity and special service achievements. On television, as a rule, thematic films and concerts are shown, and on the radio there are various congratulations on the Day of Medic in prose and in verse. We have collected the best of them here:

Greeting cards and pictures with Medic Day

Medicine is the most complex, important, multifunctional area. Trying to glory, you can learn how to repair a crane or write text. But it is not everyone's power to save human life at the most crucial moment. Let us congratulate doctors, paramedics, nurses, midwives and laboratory technicians on the Day of the physician with beautiful pictures and postcards. With the help of symbolic illustrations it is much easier to convey sincere praise and thanks.

We pre-assembled and prepared beautiful greeting cards and pictures with the Day of the Medic to make it easier for you to choose:

Congratulations on the Day of Medic

Congratulations on the Day of Medic

Congratulations on the Day of Medic

Congratulations on the Day of Medic

Congratulations on the Day of Medic

Congratulations on the Day of Medic

Medic Day in Russia is a holiday that deserves more than others on the abundance of loud official and funny comic greetings. All the heroes of the occasion - both men and women - deserve beautiful wishes in verse, prose or in pictures.

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