Not enough space in the closet? We present you an easy way to release it.

There is nothing to wear and nowhere to hang. Who has not encountered such a problem? But very often our cabinets are clogged precisely from the irrational way of storing things. For example, jeans that have a lot of thick details on the belt and pocket, take up a lot of shelf space. It turns out that you can reduce the space they occupy, just fold them in an original way.

Most often, people fold jeans like this:

First you need to mute move the line of the bottom edge of the belt.

It seems that the idea is not the best, because the usual way requires you to fold the jeans like this, but ...

The edge line again needs to be slightly moved down from the waist. Thus, all volumetric details, such as the belt and thick seams, will not be aligned with each other. Therefore, the total thickness of the folded items will be less.

This is what a pile of jeans will look like, folded in the usual way.Thick seams and girdles lie on top of each other, making the stack high and bulky.

But a new way. The pile is flat, because the volume parts are evenly distributed over the surface, each in its place. The total amount of things significantly reduced. In addition, such a stack will be much neater look on the shelf

Here such a simple secret will help to quickly and easily put things in order in the cabinets.

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