Night face and body care

To have a clear morning look, make masks against edemas at night. They stimulate blood circulation and promote the removal of fluid from the body, thereby preventing the appearance of edema.

A fresh face color in the morning will help to achieve a night cream. Glycolic acid or the enzymes contained in it restore the complexion overnight. Under the action of retinol (vitamin A), which does not tolerate the action of direct sunlight and works only at night, the cells are intensively updated, providing a rejuvenation effect.

Night is also the perfect time to care for your eyelashes. After removing the makeup with a clean brush from the mascara, apply castor oil on them. The procedure is overly effective. After a couple of weeks you will become the mistress of velvet and thick eyelashes.

Do not forget the lips. After the evening teeth brushing, rinse the toothbrush and massage her lips. Then apply hygienic lipstick or nightly balm. Perfect lip remedy - honey, which is applied for 10 minutes.The reward for your work will be smooth and soft lips.

An excellent means for removing toxins accumulated during the day is a hot bath with seaweed extract or milk, completed with a cool shower. The procedure perfectly stimulates blood circulation. At the end of it, a cream with a tightening and rejuvenating effect is applied to the skin of the body.

To enjoy the sleek handles in the morning, use a night cream that is rich in nutrients. And for the best penetration into the skin, do not forget about a short but intense massage. When caring for your hands, do not forget about the heels (massage with cream and socks for the night).

If you are used to washing your hair in the evening, then before you go to bed, be sure to dry your hair. Scales exfoliate from friction against the pillow of wet hair, and they become brittle. Combing at night, apply a tonic to the hair. So nature has ordered that when we sleep soundly, all the cells of our body work intensively. Use this gift every night, do not forget to help the cells with various cosmetics, and every morning will be good.

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