New Year's Carafe

In order to create such an original decanter for the New Year, one should have patience and necessary materials. Tare can be used any, at your discretion. Any beautiful bottle will fit. In this master class, we used conventional acrylic paints, and waterproof varnish to cover glass and metal products. 1. We will need: • A beautiful bottle. • Acrylic paint. • • A fixative lacquer. • • A piece of dishwashing sponge. • • Glitters. • • Sheet of paper .
for decoration is necessary
2. Cut out paper from templates. Horse silhouette and numbers 2014.
 cut the templates
3. Glue temporarily template on the bottle. We do it with water. We moisten, not much paper, soak through extra drops. Give a little dry.
 template on the bottle
4. Apply paint on the sponge and begin to paint the carafe.
 wet with water
5. Apply a sponge around the edge of the template.We go a little on the template, it's not scary. We try not to make sharp movements in order not to peel the paper.  begin to paint the carafe
6. On the other side of the bottle we glue the numbers with water. Figures can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. It all depends on how much space you have left. Repeat the same paint application procedure. Since the very figures are small, from frequent contact with a sponge, the paper begins to depart almost immediately. Therefore, we recommend making minimum sponge motions.
 We put a sponge on the edge of the template
7. By this time, the paint on the other side of the decanter will dry slightly and you can carefully remove the paper template of the horse.  tear off the template 8. This is how the numbers look after removing the paper. Set the decanter to dry completely.
 paste numbers with water
9. Apply glue along the edge of the carafe. You can do without glue, and apply decoration to damp paint.  Apply glue on the edge of the carafe 10.We pour glitter.
Pour glitter
11. Fix all varnish. We do this in a well ventilated area. We apply varnish from the can from a distance of 20-25 cm. You can use the decanter after the varnish has dried.  We fix everything with varnish 12. A wonderful New Year's decanter is ready.
 New Year Decanter Decoration

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