New tales about the New Year 2016

There was one family of hares: mom, dad and three wonderful hare. And the new year was coming. Circled the wonderful snowball. Hares brought a tree from the forest and were going to dress it up. But then suddenly there was a misfortune. The wolf stole all the ornaments. The kids were upset. Then the daddy-hare decided to go to the snowman and tell him about what had happened. The snowman in the area was famous for his wise and kind forest dweller.

New tales about the New Year 2016

In addition, Snowman was also a neighbor hares. He told the hare about what happened.

-Help me a wise neighbor. We had trouble. The wolf took the fur-tree toys, and my children will now be left without a Christmas tree, and the new year is coming very soon.

- Do not be sad, neighbor. We'll come up with something. You will have a real New Year holiday.


Come Hare and Snowman to the Wolf. And the Wolf, meanwhile, is already decorating a Christmas tree with stolen toys.


- Hello, gray robber! Why did you steal toys from hares? How will they now celebrate the new year? Give them back! - said the snowman.


- Will not give it back! I also need a beautiful decorated Christmas tree, - said the Wolf.


Then the wise Snowman suggested that Wolf and the Hare together decorate one Christmas tree. So did.The hare has forgiven the Wolf, they together decorated the beauty of the flattering and merrily, joyfully celebrated the New Year!


2 fairy tale about the New Year.



New tales about the New Year 2016

How does a strong frost crack in me! - spokesnowman.


- A breeze how bites! Soon the New Year, the kids will start having fun, round dances, playing snowballs. Fun, how will it be!


- And why are you staring at me, bug-eyed? Thus, the young snowman turned to the sun, which came out from behind a cloud and smiled sweetly at him.


A snowman instead of eyes had fragments of roofing tiles, a fragment of a rake served in his mouth, which means that apart from a sweet smile, he also had teeth.


His appearance into the world was marked by the contented and joyful shout of children, the tinkling of bells.


- What is he charming! - Said the young girl, who went into the garden with her young man. They stood near this snowman and enjoyed the beauty of the trees and bushes sparkling in the cold.


- In the summer, you will not see such beauty! - Said the girl who filled the joy of what he saw.


- And such a good fellow as well! Said the young man, pointing to the snowman. "He's just lovely!"


And then the snowman became interested in this cute couple and asked a number of tied dogs about them. He told him an interesting and long story. Here she is.


- I was born on the night of the new year. He lived at this nice couple, very small, fluffy and carefree lump of happiness. The children loved me, gave me all sorts of goodies. But the most unforgettable and wonderful thing was that they took me in their arms and circled around a sparkling and festive Christmas tree. Then they moved me closer. They gave me a pillow, so fluffy and soft that I did not want to get up from it. In addition, there was a stove. Oooh! This is the sweetest and most excellent thing in the whole earth! I even slept under her. How do I miss this heat, this bright and gluttonous flame. Soon, I was one year old. And in another New Year's holiday, I gnawed the most delicious and wonderful bones in the world. And one of the boys decided to take them away from me. Well, I hit the mark and bit him. I was moved by the rule of something like "bone for bone." Then of course I regretted it, but it was too late. Now I am here in this cold ... Sad ...


"And what's so good about this stove," the snowman asked the dog.


- She looks like me? I do not understand why so much to her ...


- No.She does not look like you at all, black as if night, has a long neck and a belly of copper. She is always hungry, eats all the wood put into her. But next to her is truly bliss! Look, you'll see her from the window.


The snowman turned his head and saw the oven. She, as always, ate firewood.


What is it that moves so strange in me? ”Said the snowman.


- Can I get to the furnace? After all, this is a very simple desire! I so want to not pull over. Enjoy this warmth! ”Said the snowman.


“You won’t get there,” the dog replied.


- And if it succeeds, then you just melt, never seeing the new year.


- Yes, I still melt ...


New year has passed. The weather began to change. All day the sun shines. The snow began to melt, and the snowman became sadder and sadder. He felt that soon something will change, change. He stood and admired the fire in the furnace, watched as he ate small pieces of firewood. The snowman was melting and melting, and now, when streams began to flow along the asphalt, it completely collapsed. And only then did the dog understand why the snowman was so drawn to the furnace. In the melted snowman lay the core - a poker, which filled it with an incomprehensible burden to the fire.


3 fairy tale about the New Year. Tale of Christmas tree.



New tales about the New Year

New tales about the New Year.


It happened a long time ago, in one ancient magic forest. On one fabulous meadow, two old trees grew: maple and birch. They were true friends. But the magical wind brought a small grain of spruce that fell between the trees. The sun was warming him, watered. Then one day, one day, a little Christmas tree grew up. Became fun, green and so naive. And the lion animals more and more often tried to grab the Christmas tree by the top of their head. Nearby the birch tree and the maple felt sorry for the little one, and they began to take care of her. Soon, thanks to the love and kindness of its neighbors, the little defenseless Christmas tree became truly a real forest beauty. Fluffy, green, slim.


Here comes the winter. On the eve of the new year, the animals began to wonder how to spend it, and most importantly, where to get a beautiful fir tree. And now Bear decided to arrange a competition, and choose a tree that will become a symbol of winter. Our tree took part in it. There were many wonderful, pretty challengers, but nevertheless, Miss-Forest became the Christmas tree. The animals adorned it with cones, berries, made a happy holiday. There were songs, dances, greetings.And about a miracle! Suddenly Grandfather Frost drove on a sleigh with four fast reindeer. He saw a holiday and fun, decided to join the animals. He was surprised to see an elegant Christmas tree, he really liked it, and he took a sprig to give to the kids. Since every new year can not do without elegant forest beauty.


4 tale about the New Year.



New tales about the New Year 2016

Once there was a wonderful fluffy and green Christmas tree. She grew up in a magical forest. She stood on one of the fields, delighting with her view of many forest dwellers.


But soon the winter came. The wonderful fluffy snow showered a fir-tree, it became more and more beautiful and more elegant, giving it a snow-white fur coat. Every day, calves, squirrels, titmouses, bullfinches were having fun and playing near the Christmas tree.


Once the animals saw people in the forest and fled to where. It turned out to be parents with two children - a girl and a boy.


- Dad, what a wonderful Christmas tree! This is exactly what we need! - the children screamed happily and began to pull the father by the sleeve.


- Similarly, let's memorize the glade, I'll take an ax, then come and cut down this Christmas tree, said the head of the family. And at home we will decorate it, and it will give us a great Christmas mood!


But then suddenly the girl burst into tears and said:


“Daddy, please don't cut the tree.” After all, she looks so beautiful in the clearing, the animals will be saddened.


"My dear, how can we celebrate the new year without this beauty?" - asked the father.


- Papulichka, I thought up! Come and buy an artificial Christmas tree in the shop. Let the beauty grow, and around her will be danced by forest animals. After all, they also need a holiday.


The head of the family looked at the baby, thought, then smiled.


- Yes, my dear daughter. Let the fir tree remain in the forest. After all, in a warm house it will quickly disappear. And in the forest clearing it will still very long please the animals and people.


So they decided, and then went home. But the next day footsteps were heard again. The animals are not scared. Do people again decided to visit them and cut down the Christmas tree. The same family entered the clearing, only in the hands of the father was not an ax, but a big box in which there were many balls, beads, soft toys, cones. The family began to decorate the Christmas tree. At the very top they dressed a beautiful bright scarlet star. As gifts for animals, they put a lot of goodies: hay, apples, nuts, and grains,so that the forest animals can meet the New Year in a fun and satisfying way.


"What a beauty we've got!" - Dad said.


- Come on, kids home. We still need to have time to buy a Christmas tree before the stores are closed.


When the children and the father were gone, the animals, birds jumped out and flew out to the forest clearing and started eating food, then drove round the Christmas tree dance. Herringbone is so elegant and beautiful, pleases everyone around. Finally, the animals are also a real holiday! Everyone has fun, joy, and most importantly the Christmas tree is pleasing to the eye.


5 tale about New Year.



Forest tale about the new year.

Forest tale about the new year.


The kids dressed up a Christmas tree. She stands elegant, beautiful, fluffy. The balls sparkle and sparkle, a star hangs on its top. It was decided that the next day they would start dancing around the circle.


And then Peter from the first floor said:


"You can not leave a tree alone in the yard, but if a fox or a wolf passes and steals it?"


- Hurray guys, I came up with! Let's make a security guard for the Christmas tree! Said little Dino.


“And who?” The guys asked in chorus.


- Snowman! At night, he will stand guard, and will not allow anyone to approach our beauty, "Dinochka replied.


The kids began to sculpt Snowman.They brought a carrot for the nose, a scarf, a bucket, and took a broom from the janitor. After all, what will a snowman drive away animals from a Christmas tree? Snowman turned out just wonderful, so funny and naughty. And then the guys gave him the task:


- Dear Snowman, we give you an instruction - watch over the Christmas tree so that no one at night can kidnap it. We really hope for you.


Snegovichek was standing, standing, and then suddenly dozing off at his post. I woke up from the noise. He sees that a Sherman man pulls a Christmas tree into the forest.


The snowman was frightened and let's chase the wolf. But he has no legs, he rolls from side to side, groans.


And then the idea came to the Snowman, and he turned to the sky:


Dear sky, the snow went to the ground, stop the gray Wolf, who stole the Christmas tree from the guys.


It began to snow, but he did not stop the wolf. The snowman asks the wind:


- Wind, Wind help me, blow harder, stop the villain Wolf!


He began to sculpt snow to Wolf, his eyes were knocked down by the wind. The wolf could not bear such pressure and threw the tree, and he ran into the dense forest. Snowman and happy! He grabbed the Christmas tree, said words of gratitude to the snow and the wind and returned the beauty to his place.


The snowman stands and is glad that he has turned out to be such a good guard.I decided that I would never sleep again during night duty. The next morning, the children woke up, ate and immediately ran into the courtyard to look at the snow-covered and beautiful Christmas tree. They happily began to dance, sing songs.


- Thank you dear Mr. Snowman, we are grateful to you for saving our Christmas tree.

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