New scenario for the graduation 2014 in kindergarten

New scenario for the graduation 2014 in kindergartenGraduation celebration in kindergarten - is the end of a certain stage in the life of your child. Here he found his first friends, learned a lot. Therefore, this event should be noted as follows. If you are lucky and you are selected in the parent committee, then our advice will definitely be useful to you.


How to prepare graduation


Preparing for the prom consists of several stages. First of all, a parent meeting is convened to discuss possible options for the development of the holiday. A group of parents is created, where everyone is responsible for a certain branch: decoration of the hall, gifts, transport, costumes, food, etc. This is very convenient, because there is a lot of work and there is usually not enough time.


New scenario for the graduation 2014 in kindergarten


So, we define the main directions for work:


  • Gifts. Typically, this school supplies, photo albums, memorable toys. But gifts are needed not only graduates. Thanks to those who have been taking care of your children all this time.Educators give more substantial gifts, as the closest and closest people. The head, the methodologist, the music director is selected something simpler. Gifts are given after the celebration. It would be nice to beat, for example, with funny poems or a song.
  • Decoration of the hall. Nothing cheers up and adjusts to the desired mood, like festive paraphernalia. Use balls, soft toys, garlands, flowers, etc. If the budget allows, you can apply to special agencies, they will do everything according to the highest standard. Photo collages from kindergarten photos can serve as an original idea.
  • Sweet table. Festive treat is the final part, by the time the children have time to get tired and hungry. It is not necessary to make a complex menu with hot dishes. After all, the holiday is arranged for children, and they love sweets more than anything else in the world. So order a beautiful chocolate cake, candy, fruit and juice. For parents and educators, you can buy a couple of bottles of champagne and a light snack.
  • Photo and video shooting. At the graduation day in kindergarten, it is customary to invite a professional photographer and cameraman.Do not save money on this item, because these people will capture all the important moments of the evening. And this memory will remain with you for many years.
  • Entertainment. Clowns and artists can bring a lot of joy to your kids. You can pre-negotiate an entertainment program, buy small gifts for contests. Professionals will help divert children's attention while you set the table, prepare gifts or decorate a group.


Scenario options for graduation in kindergarten


New scenario for the graduation 2014 in kindergarten


Graduation 2014 can be an excellent platform for creativity and self-expression. Workers of the kindergarten work on the script, but nothing prevents parents from proposing their ideas. For example, the space theme. The performance is based on the fact that children travel from the planet “Kindergarten” to the planet “School”. The music hall is made up of various planets, stars and flying saucers. All this is very easy to cut out of paper and paint with gold paint. You can even come up with space costumes for children, they will definitely like it!


As an option, you can consider the theme of sea travel. The plot must include pirates, a treasure hunt, the Queen of the Sea, the little mermaid and other underwater characters.Pirate costumes, bandages and cocked hat will enliven any children's holiday. The room can be decorated with cardboard waves, a self-made ship, nets and seashells. Another scenario with the use of educational topics - a trip to the profession. The guys will try themselves in various professions, learn a lot of new things about them, and may even choose something for themselves.


New scenario for the graduation 2014 in kindergarten


Whatever scenario you choose for a graduation in kindergarten, it must include games, songs, contests and gifts. And of course, it must be made interactive. It is very important to connect parents to the general action. And then the holiday will be joyful and memorable.

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