New life of old stairs

If the feeling of comfort has long been overwhelmed by satiety in your own home, thoughts arise about updating the interior. A small repair of apartments in one case consists of finishing, in the other it implies the revitalization of the area with unusual household items. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy something unique. You can always use old things as other details of life. Only an unnecessary ladder can be transformed as much as you like!

Original Ideas

After a minor reconstruction, the steps can become not just a decoration of the room in the style of Provence, but also be useful:

  1. With a little effort to fix the stairs, you’ll be able to install the structure in the bathroom, where it will serve as a level towel dryer. To make the element perfectly fit into the “aqueous” environment, it is advisable to decorate it with shells or paint it with a sand structure.
  2. Practically equipping an old object with boards, it is easy to transform it into a bookshelf or a souvenir stand - such a product will become a bright accent of your home library or hall.The same can be done in order to get a rack for plants in the greenhouse or garden.
  3. Place the ladder parallel to the floor on the wall, and you will have another coat hanger, which is often lacking due to the ever-growing wardrobe. And if you nail it over the countertop, there will be more room for hanging pots, pans and other kitchen utensils.
  4. By filling in the spans between the steps of photos and paintings, you will create a bright work of art without the need to drill the walls and ruin the wallpaper.
  5. With the current unique to everything, people often use a stepladder as a shelf for storing clothes.

Even if your home needs cardinal finishing work in Belgorod, as in any other city, creative solutions will help to complete the image and surround yourself with comfort.

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