Needle case and case for skilled scissors

Needle case and case for skilled scissors- a beautiful case and needle case, decorated with embroidery, should be in every skilled worker.


Step 1

Making a sheath cover

To stitch a knife case, first embroider the appropriate pattern (or choose a pattern to your liking) on ​​an Evenweave fabric trim. Make sure that the colors of yarn and fabric are harmoniously combined.

Cut out two parts from the felt. The first has the shape of a rounded triangle with a height of 14 cm and a width of 8 cm in the upper part. You may need to resize based on the size and shape of your scissors. The second detail is the same shape, but 11 cm high.

Cut the finished embroidery to the size of a shorter felt piece. Put a short piece on the long one so that their edges match. Bend the edges of the embroidery and pin to the short piece of felt with the pins on top.

Sew the embroidery with a gold thread with a basting stitch, connecting both pieces of felt.When sewing on embroidery along the upper edge, make sure that the thread passes through only two layers and does not capture the lower layer. This creates a pocket for scissors.

Making the needle table

Cut a piece of 11x18 cm of thick felt. If there is no thick felt, you can sew two pieces of thin felt. For "pages" you will need two or three pieces of 10x13 cm from thick felt.

Cut the embroidery to the size of 10x19 centimeters, fold the edges inward and sew it to the front part of the felt with a simple basting or hidden seam with a gold thread.

Expand the "cover" inside out and put in the center of the "page" of the needle bed. Embroider them by folding the stitch with a gold thread.

Sew a button to the front of the design and a small loop of tape to the back to securely fix the needle bed.

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