Napkin without cloth

A napkin without a cloth is made exactly according to the pattern of pattern A, it consists of 4 lanes located around the center.

Each strip consists of two rows interconnected by rings. The rings of both rows are located on the inside of the arcs, so perform them from the leading thread of the arc. To do this, before making the ring, lay the arc (move to the left), turn the work around the horizontal axis of the rings, weave the ring from the leading thread of the arc, tighten it, turn the work again and go to weave the next arc, the thread from the ring should be the leading thread of the arc.

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When weaving the first of two rows of a strip (2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th rows on the diagram), attach the arc to the row below, about pico rings of this row, make rings free. When weaving the second of the two rows of the strip (3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th in the diagram), connect the rings to the rings of the first row of the strip, and make pico on the arches to attach the next diarrhea,moreover, on arcs of the 9th (last) row, make decorative picos according to a pattern.

The stripe patterns differ from each other only in the number of ring-arc pairs located between the corner elements. As you move away from the center, the length of the rows (the number of pairs) increases.

If desired, the number of bands can be increased or decreased, given that decorative picos are made on the last row of napkins.

The center of the napkin consists of four pairs of rings, forming a square. The rings in the center are also located on the inner sides of the arcs, so perform them from the leading arc of the arc with the rotation of the work before and after the execution of the ring.

As you can see from the diagram, all the napkin rings are located only on one (inner) side of the arches, so the shuttle is working, on which the threads for the rings and the leading arc are wound. In this regard, it seems that it is possible not to wind the working string of the arcs onto the shuttle, but to take it directly from the tangle, which reduces the braiding time, since it is not necessary to rewind the string from the coil to the shuttle.

It is recommended to start the weaving of each row from the "middle" of the thread, and finish with the embedding of the ends of the thread.

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