Naked skirts: who and how to wear?

Frankness has long become an integral part of fashion. And if once the adherents of conservatism clutched at the heart at the sight of a mini, then the current trends will definitely shock them. Not so long ago, the red paths were full of stars, which, without embarrassment, demonstrated to the world their ideal figure, covered only with a “naked dress”. And today they were replaced by "bare skirts". For those who are not suffering modesty and prepared their figure for the heat, tell you how to wear them.

Do not be afraid to show

All the girls know the pencil skirt. This is a universal option with which it is easy to create both office and everyday, and even a solemn bow. And now imagine a thing of the same style, but of transparent fabric. That's it such designers are advised to have in their wardrobe.

You can’t dress her up for sure, unless of course you are a dancer at a nightclub. But for walks along the promenade and parties, it may well fit. Although the stars of cinema and show business boldly wear such clothes for any reason.

A striking example of this - Kim Kardashian, the well-known owner of lush hips and not always perfect waist, has been pleasing the eye of her fans for several years now and then appearing in mesh dresses and skirts. Despite the fact that the haters have long been dubbed them "string bags". It was she who became the trendsetter in a pair with the designer Olivier Rusten.

The main question of those who are still in thought, is it worth buying such a provocative piece of clothing, trite - with what to wear it? Here's what the stylists recommend:

  1. Body. Suitable owners of beautiful thighs and legs. It looks both bold and relatively not provocative, as it creates a certain image of a gymnast in tights.
  2. Short shorts. An excellent option, which will have to the liking of more modest girls who want to stay on the crest of a fashionable wave.
  3. Trousers. Do not laugh, even the stars do not disdain to put them under a transparent skirt. Moreover, the lingerie industry has learned to produce quite attractive models.
  4. On the naked body. Incredibly frank option in which causal places are covered with embroidery or decor. But to appear in such an outfit in public, you need to be a person who does not suffer from complexes.As for the top, it can be plain tops or blouses that do not distract attention from the “nail of the program”.
  5. With lining. Of course, this is already modified and adapted to a mass audience style, but it also allows you to create quite interesting images. As close as possible to the style of “nude”, skirts of skin-colored, repeating skin tone, will look like.

For those who want to follow the fashion always, stylists allow to wear “naked skirts” both in warm and in cold season. Unless, of course, decide. In this case, the sweater and tight tights should be mandatory elements of the bow.

Those to whom fashionable “fishing nets” will like it will surely be known as cutting-edge fashionistas, wearing such a thing. And nothing surprising, because the imagination of designers every year surprises more and more. Be in trend!

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