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Pyramid: more questions than answers



For a long time ancient civilizations have sunk into oblivion, leaving descendants with many questions and riddles, over which hundreds of scientists and esotericists are struggling today. One of these mysteries still remains the mystery of the Egyptian pyramids - the only miracle of the seven that has survived to the present day. The most famous of the pyramids, these are three giants, ascended over the desert in Giza, the entrance to one of which is guarded by a mysterious sphinx. These are pyramids built in honor of the pharaohs of the IV dynasty - Cheops, Khafre and Mykerinus. The grandest building of the complex is the Pyramid of Cheops. Estimated date of completion of its construction - 2500 BC. At that time, the pyramid stood at 146 meters above the sands.Its planes, lined with polished slabs of white limestone, glittered under the rays of the sun, and their brilliance was visible at a distance of many kilometers around. Today, the height of the pyramid of Cheops is 135 meters, and time and sand completely erased the limestone cladding from its surface. The absolute accuracy of the layout of the pyramid as a whole and its parts separately, given the size of the building, is surprising even to modern builders and architects. A mystery is the technology used in the process of its construction.


For the first time, attempts at a serious study of the pyramids were undertaken by scientists in the early 19th century. Since then, about two centuries have passed, but instead of solving their secrets, the scientists-Egyptologists and researchers have only increased the number of mysteries. They put forward various hypotheses about the way and purpose of the construction of the pyramids, their purpose and application, but none of them can claim to be the absolute truth today, since there are still no exhaustive answers to the key questions:


  • - Which people built the first pyramids?
  • - How did the ancients build these cyclopean structures?
  • - What was the purpose of their construction?


There are various assumptions on this score - from such fantastic ones as the intervention of alien civilizations, to the most trivial ones, like the construction of tombs for the pharaohs, using primitive tools and simple clandestine power.


Mysterious occultist, traveler and philosopher Helena Blavatsky argued that the pyramids are much older than is commonly believed. In her opinion, they were built 75 thousand years earlier, and the builders of giant structures are the Atlanteans, who built them in anticipation of general chaos and destruction in order to preserve the human gene pool.


Atlantis photoThis is not contradicted by the opinion of Nostradamus, who wrote that the creators of the pyramids are the inhabitants of the legendary Atlantis, who were able to mentally control gravity, and thus moved huge stone blocks.


There is a legend that under the complex there are cameras in which the secrets of the civilization of humanity are hidden. Modern scientists with the help of the latest equipment have found that under the pyramids, as well as under the Sphinx, there are indeed voids. However, it was not possible to penetrate there.The robot, launched into specially drilled mines, rested in a limestone wall. The Egyptian authorities curtailed further research, citing the reluctance to destroy unique historical monuments. In addition, we should not forget that the tourist business is an essential item of income of this state, and the presence of secrets always attracts people. As a result, the riddle of the pyramid still remains unsolved.


Studying ancient texts, scientists came to the conclusion that he lived in the 2600s BC. The ancient Egyptian scientist and philosopher Imhotep owned the key to solving most of the secrets of the pyramids. The high priest and chief adviser of the pharaoh, he was distinguished by phenomenal abilities, was a brilliant doctor, the founder of Egyptian medicine, and an architect. He is credited with the development of the first project of building pyramids of stone blocks. His talents were so fantastic that skeptics at all doubt his real existence. Whatever it was, he did not leave us the clues of the secrets of the pyramids.


Some modern researchers hypothesize that the pyramid is nothing more than a power plant, a kind of accumulator and energy translator.They argue that to consider the pyramid, only as a tomb and a monument to Pharaoh is meaningless. First, there is no evidence that Pharaoh Cheops was really buried in one of the chambers of the pyramid. Secondly, there are rooms and channels in the thickness of the pyramid, which do not have any relation to the burial rite. Then what purpose did they serve?


The researchers of the pyramids believe that the very architecture of the grand structure, its "filling" was intended for other purposes. Definitely a statement that the ancient designers and builders of the pyramid had accurate knowledge in areas of which people learned many centuries later. For example, they knew what the Earth's circumference is, how long the year lasts, what the density of the globe is and the speed of light, and much more. What prevented them in this case to have a source of powerful energy?


Inside the pyramid, mines are scattered, spreading along the entire massif of the structure. Some of them lead to empty cells, others end in a dead end. Having laid out horizontally with the help of volumetric computer graphics this, seemingly chaotically located, web of tunnels and cameras, the scientists saw that the whole picture was precisely oriented to the star chart.

Pyramid from the inside


It is noteworthy that one of the channels is located vertically along the center line of the pyramid. In their opinion, this is the energetic direct, through which the ancient initiates established contact with other planets, and possibly with the Absolute Mind. Being located in a sarcophagus, as in a kind of special protective chamber, the priests of Ancient Egypt went through the stages of initiation into the highest secret knowledge, and the pyramid itself was used to store this knowledge. By the way, in support of the hypothesis that the pyramid is an energy installation, it also shows with what ideal mathematical precision it is built.


It is curious that during excavations, archaeologists have established that where the Cheops pyramid now stands, 14 thousand years BC. towered another pyramid, much larger than the current one. Another mystery?


"The Mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids" (Russia, 2008).




Another theory of creating pyramids from geopolymer concrete




Now we offer to watch the online transmission cycleForbidden themes of history - "Mysteries of Ancient Egypt". The film "Mysteries of Ancient Egypt" was created on the basis of a unique material, shot during several expeditions,and is based on facts and hypotheses that are deliberately silenced by academic science, because they threaten to bring down the usual picture of the distant past of humanity. A number of objects are closed for public access, and shooting them is prohibited. Therefore, many viewers will see for the first time. The filmmakers decided not to rely on one or another theory, but only on real facts, logic and common sense. Such an approach inexorably leads to the conclusion that on Egypt's land thousands of years before the first pharaohs there was a very highly developed civilization that surpassed in its knowledge and technologies not only the primitive society of the ancient Egyptians, but also modern humanity. Representatives of this civilization themselves ancient Egyptians called gods.

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