Muscovites today are not in trend?

Well, still - their own living space! I even received an offer to marry in exchange for a residence permit somehow. But even without a residence permit, Muscovites were somehow normally quoted even among those men who did not pursue registration. It was believed that once a Muscovite - means, a priori, the girl is fed up, intelligent, not mercantile rampant limit. Standing on his feet stronger than their contemporaries from the dorm and in general - a tasty morsel. With this you can build relationships for love, and not for the reasons that she herself needs a registration and a pass to the world of shopping and entertainment in the capital.

In general, all the guys I knew liked that I was a Muscovite. Appreciated. I did not particularly bother with this. After all, I'm an ordinary girl, grew up in the district, I did not have any Ponte.

Muscovites today are not in trend?

But in recent years, I have increasingly heard that Muscovites are bu-uh-uh. We must avoid. One day, having woken up at home with her boyfriend, I heard this song. He cooked breakfast for her:

Girls capital

Very pretty

But the relationship is personal

Only for cash ...

And the trend has changed.In social networks and in life, men began to speak out on the contrary, against the Muscovites, blaming us for mercantilism. True, these men themselves are not from Moscow. So what. In Moscow, everything is not from Moscow. So now the best choice for a serious relationship began to be considered provincial. Like, she is from a small town, she has not seen life, is not spoiled, will look at anyone living in Moscow with huge, full of adoring eyes and appease him with three times the power.

Motives "for residence" have already come to the fore. That is, they did not leave, but changed the sign from negative to positive. Yes, coming for a residence permit inside out wriggle out, not that these spoiled bitches of the capital.

Given how life has changed over the past ten years, perhaps this opinion has the right to popularity. But let's look deeper.

Provincials will be accommodating for the time being. Until such time as they see TsUM, GUM, parties and life in the capital as a whole. Everything that they still saw on TV and in "Cosmo". And their desire to possess all this will be a million times greater than the wishes of those who grew up in all this.

They will very quickly grow both claws and teeth, and from the little ones will turn into piranhas.“Give, give, I want, I want it, I want an iPhone, a Prada bag - everyone has them, and I need them.” And the dodik, who wanted an unpretentious and unbalanced, quickly grabbed a heart attack, because its budget is not designed for it. He lives in Altufievo and prays for MZK. He was counting on homemade dumplings, and not on the fact that she did see that in Moscow all women had at least 160 horses under their asses.

Muscovites today are not in trend?

And Muscovites have it all and so it is. She has already earned herself a long time ago and bought herself boots for herself. Just greedy poor Dodik do not think so far, for stupid. And if you think about it, you would understand that the Muscovite will not give them at all, but the provincial woman will stop giving in six months or a year, driving the dodick into loans. But you do not have to look for your own cheap wife, but earn more. Then there is a chance to start a relationship with a normal girl, and no matter where she comes from.

P. S. But I, do not be a fool, decided to no longer voice the place of birth. Now I will say that I am from Chita. Tea, Chita, Moscow is not a couple.

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