Multiple orgasm, or posture of pleasure for women.

Multiple orgasm, or posture of pleasure for women.

Multiple orgasm, or posture of pleasure for women.

Multiple orgasm, or posture of pleasure for women.



Your partner can not reach orgasm? Perhaps you are doing something wrong. Female excitement is a very delicate and delicate matter, for this or that type of orgasm, you must carefully try and do everything right. How? Find out below!

There is such a thing as multiple orgasms, or pleasure postures for women. It can be achieved by stimulating the ji point, which is located on the front wall of the vagina approximately five centimeters from the entrance, with simultaneous stimulation of the cervix. Both the ji point and the cervix are literally riddled with nerve endings - which allows time after time and rush work to bring a woman to true and unique bliss. It is best suited for this officer posture (a woman on the back throws her legs on the shoulders of a partner) or a pose in which the man is behind (the best is a woman on her knees on the edge of the sofaman on the floor). For such an orgasm, it is necessary that the woman was very excited.


Long orgasm.



Prolonged orgasm is possible only if a man has a long enough term to reach the cervix. In most cases, it is not very pronounced, but it lasts much longer, which, in general, is very, very pleasant for a woman. The best posture to achieve such an orgasm is the rider's posture, when the partner deviates strongly backwards.


Bright orgasm.



A bright orgasm is much shorter, but it is a real explosion - you will see how your partner will bend and groan, being in an almost unconscious state. A similar orgasm is achieved only with the stimulation of the clitoris - you can easily do it with your hand in many poses.


Double orgasm.



Double orgasm combines a long and bright orgasm. The effect is truly amazing for both the woman and her partner. During it, the woman uses the constrictor, a muscle in the lower part of the vagina, which is responsible for keeping urination. If it is not developed enough, this effect can not be achieved.Stimulating at the same time the clitoris and teasing the tense constrictor with shallow and fast dives into the vagina, you will bring the woman to the most insane orgasm, which can not be compared with anything else.


If you are really interested in enjoying your partner in bed with you, there is a huge amount of different information on the Internet that will help you find a way out of the situation.

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