Motivating books: what to read if you decide to play sports

We have selected useful and motivating books for those who want to run in the morning, dream of overcoming the first marathon, learning how to swim quickly and easily, or even become an “iron man.”

“Run fast and without injury”

Gordon pirie

"Run fast and without injury", Gordon Peary

How to enjoy running and progress? British runner Gordon Peary, who set five world records, talks about how to prepare for the run, how to train, how to hone the technique of running. Gordon Piri writes about the choice of shoes, pays attention to interval training and power exercises. One of the important points of the correct technique: run on the front of the foot, as if on toes, and while landing, keep the leg slightly bent at the knee.

A few rules for runner Gordon Pirie:

- Running with the right technique (even barefoot), on any surface, can not lead to injuries.

- Correct posture is critical for running (do not lean forward!).

- Running is a stay in conditions of insufficient supply of air, therefore breathing through the mouth is mandatory (for this reason Gordon was called “Piri-Puff-Puff”).

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"From 800 meters to the marathon"

Jack Daniels

"From 800 meters to the marathon", Jack Daniels

A useful guide for those who are just starting to run, and for serious athletes. The book is a reputable American coach will help to understand the physiology of running and draw up a plan for training at different distances. One of the author's advice, controversial, but surprisingly often effective: "Always try to accelerate a little before you reset the pace that you thought was too heavy."

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“Running with Lydiard. Available techniques of health running from the great coach of the XX century "

Arthur Lydyard, Garth Gilmore

 “Running with Lydiard. Available techniques of running from the great trainer of the 20th century ”, Arthur Lydiard, Garth Gilmore

Arthur Lydyard - a New Zealand runner and coach, in love with jogging, tells how to run to increase their health. The book is useful for novice runners of any age and any physical training, and for professional athletes.

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“Target - 42”

Brown Skip

“Target - 42”, Brown Skip

A practical guide for the novice marathon runner (42 kilometers 195 meters - the distance of the marathon race).The book describes in detail how to prepare for the race for a long distance, what training programs to choose, how to deal with stress, how to motivate yourself and what to eat a runner.

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"Triathlete Bible"

Joe Friel
The Triathlete's Bible, Joe Friel

The most extensive and detailed guide for those who combine in their passion for sports a love of running, swimming and cycling. The book details the methods of preparing for triathlon, ranging from information about equipment and nutrition to training programs for endurance and recovery. The author is one of the most famous triathlon trainers in the world.

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"Full immersion. How to swim better, faster and easier "

John Delvze, Terry Laughlin

"Full immersion. How to swim better, faster and easier ”, John Delvz, Terry Laughlin

Terry Laughlin is a well-known swimming coach, author of Total Immersion, gives effective swimming tips without feeling tired. The main trump card of a good swimmer is a perfect technique, and the motto of Laughlin’s theory could be this: think first, then swim. According to the book, you should not wind endless circles in the pool, it is more important to work on the technique. Exercises from the book will be useful and beginners in swimming, and those who swim a long time.

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"Bible cyclist"

Joe Friel

The Bible Cyclist, Joe Friel

The book not only helps prepare for competitions at different distances, but also pays attention to the correct alignment of the landing, tells how to choose a bicycle and adjust it for you. The main principles of the technique of Joe Friel will suit any athlete: you need to train moderately, consistently, resting on time, adhering to the plan, paying enough time to the weak sides and listening to your body.

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