Mole on the site: how to get rid of?

It is believed that moles can be got only in good fertile land. However, the appearance of animals on the site can cause considerable damage to the crop, as well as landscape design. There are several ways to get rid of underground rodents.

How to get rid of moles alone

Scaring away moles

The most humane way to get rid of moles is to drive them out of their own territory.

It is known that animals are afraid of loud noises. On sale there are a huge number of different mechanisms that emit cracking and rattling sounds. In addition, the design can be built independently. For example, stick a stick in the ground, and attach a tin can from above. From the wind of the bank will beat the stick, which will create a noise effect.

The second idea involves the use of a glass bottle. It is necessary to bury the vessel at an angle of forty-five degrees near the mink of the animal. The howling of the wind in the neck of the bottle will cause the mole to leave its place.

In addition to the loud sound of the animal can not stand the sharp smells.You can bury a pest in a mink with a cloth moistened with kerosene, mothballs, ammonia and other caustic substances. Also effective are considered rotten eggs and rotten herring.

If you do not want to litter the area with damaged products, you can use repellents. The composition of the tool includes special components aimed at scaring away moles (for example, a natural product of the company Detia).

Another method - planting repellent plants. It is said that moles do not tolerate the smell of beans, beans, and grouse.

Note that these methods are very humane, however, not every summer resident can boast a positive result.

Mole trap

Krotolovki can be found in specialized stores or make yourself. The design must be durable (for example, from wire) to the size of the animal. Inside the trap must necessarily have a rough surface, similar to the earth cover.

There are also traps for moles that work on the principle of a normal mousetrap.

The downside is that you need to reinstall the device each time after the trap is triggered.

Use of pets

If your pet is to hunt, you can try to set a pet on the pest. Only this should be done in the event that the mole was not previously etched by various chemicals.

In practice, many examples of domestic animals successfully dealt with annoying moles. You are only required to show the animal where the prey is hiding.

Construction of fencing

It is a very time consuming and costly method. It is necessary to dig a metal or plastic mesh around the perimeter of the suburban area. You can also use slate, linoleum and other types of materials.

It is required to bury the material not less than one meter in depth.

Flooding of holes

Often gardeners use the flooding method. It is necessary to fill the existing holes with water from a hose and wait until the animals are gone. The truth is, it is likely that after a while the moles will return again.

Catching a mole on a fishing hook

The fishermen came up with the following way to get rid of moles. It is required to dig out two holes on either side of the tunnel found and lay on a three-pointed fishing hook.Then the mole will try to bury new pits near its home and, possibly, will hook on the hook.


The most favorite treat of moles is earthworms. To poison the animal, you need to cut the worms into several pieces and sprinkle it with poison. For about twenty minutes the worms will still be moving and will be able to lure the underground animal.


Some site owners prefer to use gas as a method of pest control. To do this, they lower into the hole a hose that is connected to a gas cylinder. However, we note that this method can be dangerous to humans.

An alternative to a gas cylinder can serve as the exhaust pipe of the car.

Since each method separately cannot guarantee one hundred percent result, it is recommended to use an integrated approach. However, whenever possible it is worth using more humane ways that do not involve causing harm to the animal. With the help of various mole traps can be placed in a bucket and transferred to the nearest forest.

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