Mojito - a cocktail that everyone loves

“Mojito” is a refreshing cocktail, which will be very useful in the hot summer, will quench your thirst and become the main drink at any party. Learn how to cook it properly.

What is this drink?

"Mojito" is a refreshing drink made from light rum with the addition of mint leaves. Such a drink was especially popular in the USA in the 80s of the last century, and Cuba is considered its homeland. It also contains sugar syrup or sugar, lime juice and sparkling water. In modern recipes there can be popular drinks, such as "Sprite" or "7 Up". And in some Havana hotels, Angostura is introduced - a concentrated Venezuelan bitter.

If you study the history of the drink, we can assume that its predecessor is another cocktail - “Drac”, invented by pirate Francis Drake. In the distant 16th century, mint and lime juice were added to muffle the taste and smell of low-quality alcohol, and also to protect against scurvy that was raging in those days.

There are several legends about the name of the cocktail too. According to one of them, it was based on the popular Cuban moho sauce. But there is another version, the adherents of which believe that the name comes from the Spanish word "mojadito", which translates as "slightly wet."

An interesting fact: it was previously believed that Mojito was Ernest Hemingway's favorite drink, but this version was refuted by historians. They claim that the writer had diabetes mellitus, and because of such an illness he could not drink a cocktail.

How to cook such a cocktail?

How to cook "Mojito" with your own hands? There are several ways, and the most successful will be discussed below.

Traditional cocktail

Classic "Mojito" involves the use of the following ingredients:

  • 40-45 ml of light rum;
  • seven leaves of fresh peppermint;
  • two small spoons without the top of cane sugar;
  • three large tablespoons of lime juice;
  • 70 ml of soda or carbonated water;
  • about 80-90 g of ice.


  1. Mint leaves narvite, place in a container, cover with sugar and chop, for example, with a knife or blender. Such a stage will allow extracting a maximum of juice and aroma from fresh mint.
  2. Add soda, lime juice and rum.
  3. Put crushed ice and shake everything thoroughly in a shaker or whisk using a blender.

Refreshing "sober Mojito"

If you do not drink alcohol, then cook non-alcoholic "Mojito". Here is what you need for this:

  • 150 ml of tonic or other carbonated beverage, such as "7 Up", "Sprite" or "Schweppes";
  • half large enough lime;
  • three or four sprigs of fresh mint;
  • two or three teaspoons of cane or brown sugar;
  • about 100 grams of ice.

Process description:

  1. Mint leaves should be finely torn or cut with a knife, then placed in a shaker or other closable container.
  2. Add sugars to the mint leaves, squeeze out the lime juice, pour in the carbonated drink and enter pre-crushed ice.
  3. Mix all components, actively shake. Pour the cocktail into a bar glass and serve.


Very tasty get alcoholic strawberry "Mojito". To make it, you will need the following ingredients:

  • five juicy and sweet strawberry berries;
  • ten leaves of freshly broken peppermint;
  • three teaspoons of sugar (if the strawberries are sweet, the amount can be reduced);
  • 30-50 ml of light rum (depending on the desired strength);
  • a third of a lemon or a half of lime;
  • three tbsp. l. strawberry liqueur.


  1. In a blender, chop the well-washed strawberries, mint leaves and sugar.
  2. Shredded products put in a portioned glass, put crushed ice on them.
  3. Squeeze lime or lemon juice, pour it into a glass with rum.
  4. Pour strawberry liqueur on top. Slightly mix everything and serve a bright and refreshing cocktail.

Peach cocktail

This recipe will allow you to prepare an unusual peach cocktail "Mojito". You will need these products:

  • 200 g fresh juicy peaches;
  • three limes;
  • a third of a glass of sugar (it is better to use cane);
  • a glass of white rum;
  • two glasses of sparkling water;
  • a third of a glass of mint greenery;
  • 200 g of ice.

Process description:

  1. Wash peaches, remove bones. Then grind in a blender, and the resulting puree wipe through a folded several times gauze.
  2. Squeeze the limes, rub the zest of half of one fruit (you will need a teaspoon).
  3. Combine the zest, mint leaves and sugar, grind everything together in a blender.
  4. Add the juice of lime, ice and rum, again chop everything.
  5. Next, add peach puree and rum into the mixture, shake everything actively in a shaker or other similar container, pour it into glasses, decorate with mint sprigs, if desired. “Mojito” at home ready to serve.

Choose one of the above recipes and cook a refreshing homemade “Mojito”. If desired, the proportions of the components can be changed by looking for the most successful combinations. Also in the drink, you can enter various berries and fruits or their syrups.

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