Microsoft Lumia 640 - the smartphone you dreamed about

Smartphones on Windows Phone are quite popular in the lower price segment. We all remember the good sales of the Lumia 435 and Lumia 535. Today we will talk about the equally successful model of Microsoft Lumia 640, which can be purchased at a price below $ 200.

This is an inexpensive device that can please you with its speed and pleasant appearance. It comes in bright and attractive colors: orange, blue, white and black. Works Microsoft Lumia 640 running Windows 8.1, is expected to upgrade to Windows 10. There is support for fourth-generation networks.

Looking at the modern wonderful phones, the Lumia model is striking first of all. The manufacturer connects in the case of two types of plastic. We met similar in due time at Nokia Asha. In the case of Microsoft Lumia 640, the upper plastic layer is bright and transparent, and the lower one is more calm, opaque and opaque.

Other elements are black - this is the area around the display on the front panel, the volume and unlock keys, and the camera lens. The combination of colors looks spectacular and stylish. Body material - high quality and reliable.

In his hand, the smartphone lies and feels very good.There are no fingerprints on the gloss. But the display is covered with prints very quickly. The keyboard in Microsoft Lumia 640 is completely on-screen, Microsoft abandoned this time from the touch keys on the case.

Again, the manufacturer did not find a place in the phone for a separate camera launch key. And this is a significant drawback, especially since you can start the camera in Windows 8.1 only after unlocking the display.

The cover of the case is well adjusted and does not bother with a crunch. Removing it, you will find two SIM card slots and one for the microSD memory card. Above the card slots is a small battery. In general, the impressions from the assembly of the case are only positive.

The sound of the Microsoft Lumia 640 is quite pleasant. Not top level, but better than other low-cost models. The display of the hero of our review is represented by a five-inch IPS matrix with HD resolution. The screen quality is good, the picture does not cause problems.

Even under the bright sun information is well read. The core of the phone is the quad-core Cortex-A7 (4 * 1.2 GHz), which, together with the Adreno 305 graphics chip and 1 GB of RAM, demonstrates very good performance. 2500 mAh miniature battery capacitywhich is the average for a device with a similar display.

This lasts for 1-2 days depending on the load. Not a bad indicator. The smartphone has two cameras - 8 and 1 megapixel. The level of photos of Microsoft Lumia 640 for a smartphone for $ 200 is very good, especially in the dark. The front camera also pleased, despite the only 1 megapixel.

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