Men of the whole world compete in parodies of Rihanna

At the end of March, Rihanna showed us all how to apply the Body Lava highlighter from the new collection of her beauty brand Fenty Beauty. The video, in which the singer languidly looks straight into the camera and rubs a shining tool into the bare shoulder, in just a couple of hours gathered more than a million Instagram views. But who would know that a spectacular ri-ri movie will appeal not only to fans of its brand, but also to half of the male population of the planet!

Now, representatives of the stronger sex, one by one, parody the very promotional video in the commercials, united by the tag #RihannaChallenge. To outdo each other, they are ready to rub sunflower oil, toothpaste, baby cream, shaving foam, and even ... ketchup into their skin, smearing it on the shoulder with a bun. And each of the authors of the parody, of course, is trying to convey the seductive look of the singer at the end of the video in his own way. It turns out very artistic! The Challenge has spread so much across the Web that even our harsh compatriots have already taken part in it.

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