Meet Toby - Ryan Gosling in the Dog World

We continue to get acquainted with the fluffy stars of Instagram, next in line is the Maltese lapdog named Toby (@Toby LittleDude) with an army of subscribers, which has already exceeded 90 thousand. The popularity of the little dog was brought by her manner of dressing, well, well, we will call things by their names - not the style of dressing, but patience with all these butterflies, glasses, suspenders and other hipster accessories, in which the hostess dresses her every day. Last year alone, so many vintage cardigans, plaid shirts and hats have accumulated in the mod's wardrobe, that, thinking about your own wardrobe, you can feel an easy fit of envy. We will not, better subscribe to this fluffy dude, in which - just get us right - there is something from Ryan Gosling: perhaps this is an ironic squint, and maybe a way to look at ease even in the front dress itself.

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