Makeup for narrow eyes

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Gaze is the main weapon of the weaker sex. He is able, with the right use of battling men. For this reason, it is not strange that girls pay maximum attention to their eyes. A special approach needs a narrow cut of the eyes, because with excessive use of cosmetics such eyes turn into ugly slits. But at the same time, skillful use of tools helps to “uncover” them through the use of various techniques. They get expressiveness and beauty.

Top mistakes

Often, owners of a narrow cut of the eyes make the main common mistakes when applying cosmetics: they try to enlarge the eyes with mascara with the effect of lengthening the eyelashes. But in fact, such a technique does not just not bring the desired effect, but also exacerbate the problem. The fact is that too long eyelashes close the eyes so narrow, and the black edging that is created with mascara also reduces the size of the eyes.

Makeup for narrow eyes

Often the girls, creating a make-up, wrongly outline the contour, they have a line too close to the eyelashes. But if you place it slightly above the eyelashes, it visually enlarges the eyes, rounds them.

Another common mistake is to border the eyes with stripes, connecting them together. You should not do this, it is better to let the contour remain open, as this will enlarge the size of the eyes.

Avoid key mistakes when creating makeup. They can ruin any beauty.

One of the key problems of girls with a narrow slit of the eye is the use of black cosmetics. This applies to the carcass, whose excessive amount narrows the eye, and pencil. In addition, you should not draw arrows, so forget about the black eyeliner too.

Main rules

When creating a make-up for narrow eyes, it is important to follow the main rules. This includes a careful selection of shadows, highlighting the eyelids from the bottom and top. In order to “open” the eyes, it will be necessary to draw the eyelid from the bottom with the pearly light shade of a pencil.

The use of chocolate, blue or lilac tone is quite allowed. A wonderful technique is to create lines with a gray pencil a little higher and lower than the eyelids, it is also important to shade them. This will noticeably change the visual perception of the eyes, “slightly open” them.

Instead of favorite shooters, which are not recommended to holders of a narrow section of the eyes, it is worth trying experiments with different colors of shadows, as well as smooth transitions of tone.On a mobile eyelid and on the line of eyebrows it is worth putting a light tone, it is better if it is with particles reflecting light. The fold should be emphasized with a rich matte tone, and the upper eyelid should be decorated with a light silk shade.

Makeup for narrow eyes

In addition, there is a version of make-up: a little dark shade is applied to the eyelid from the bottom of the eye, and on top of the eye is painted in a light tone. Edge of the transition should be well shaded. Favorable looks barely noticeable arrow above the eyelashes, created with a pencil in a dark color, but not black. You can make a soft focus on the inner corners of the eyes, using dark colors.

Contour creation options

Let's consider various variants of creation of a contour for narrow eyes. Here it plays an important role. These methods effectively "open" the view:

draw lines at a short distance from the eyelashes, and then blend;
the contour is drawn only along the center of the century, and the edge is left free;
Apply a thin line of liner, but thicken it in the middle;
the upper eyelid is completely covered with a line, and the arrow on the lower eyelid is drawn only to the third part of the eye from the outer corner.

When creating a contour, it is important to follow the main advice of makeup artists.In the case of a narrow eye slit, the correct contour plays an important role.

Try different options to find one that will give you irresistible.

Step-by-step makeup

Consider step by step the way to create makeup for eyes with a narrow incision:

for a start, tidy your eyebrows. Remove excess hair, draw a line and blend. Carefully comb your eyebrows, and apply a light tone on the area under them;
on the eyelid on top of the eye it is necessary to apply a light shade, and the lower one also to highlight a light tone. This technique makes it possible to hide the "bruises";
a dark tone is applied on the outside corner of the eye. Shadows should be shaded to achieve a smooth transition;
with a pencil of chocolate color, select the line of the upper eyelid, after spending a neat arrow higher than the eyelash growth, blend;
moving from the center of the lower part of the eye to the outer edge, draw a line. It also needs to be shaded;
mascara used in gray or chocolate color. Cheeks secrete pastel blush.

Makeup for narrow eyes

To look perfect every day takes a lot of time. Eyebrows play an important role, because their shape must be flawless.In this case, the hair should be pulled out only from the bottom, so the distance between the eyes and the eyebrows will increase.

To create a daily make-up on the eyelid on top of the eye, you should apply a suitable light tone. It is allowed to use a dark shade on the fold and the outer corner. The area under the eyebrows is clarified. In the role of auxiliary cosmetics suitable chocolate mascara, gray or coffee pencil. Daily makeup allows the use of a diverse palette of shades, depending on the eye color.

To create a festive makeup for girls with a narrow cut of the eyes should follow the general recommendations, but the tone is allowed saturated. Black mascara is also allowed, but not more than one layer. So fluffiness of eyelashes is reached, but without weighting.

Makeup options for different eye colors

Consider the options for make-up for narrow eyes of different colors:

Brown eyes.

It is important to note that the general principles of applying funds are similar. Only the shade of the shadows is different. If you have blond hair, then suitable shades of light and roses, sand and peach. Dark-haired should stop the choice on a shade of lilac, lavender and gray.Dark colors are applied on the outer edge of the moving eyelid. Brighten is the inner corner of the eye.

Grey eyes.

Blue and gray eyes are better to emphasize by applying shades of heavenly color. Experiment to choose a successful combination.

Each eye color requires a special approach and choice of shades. Follow the rules for selecting the shadows to create the perfect makeup.

Green eyes.

In this situation, the use of shadows in the violet and gray colors is allowed.

Caret-green eyes.

If you have light curls, then stop the choice on purple hues. Dark-haired tanned beauties can choose various shades of sky color. It is believed that those who have a quark-green eye color, pink shades fit. But with a narrow section and a hanging century, this color should be forgotten.

Makeup for Asian Eyes

Before we look at the makeup for Asian eyes, let's look at what distinctive features are characteristic of this type of person. In the first place - slanting eyes with a narrow slit, which are framed by almost invisible eyelashes. The skin has a yellowish tint, and the lips are distinguished by their full form and clear lines.So, step by step instructions for creating makeup:

First, apply a tonal foundation to get the perfect tone on your face. Eyelids are lubricated with concealer, and eyebrows are marked with a pencil to create a shape;
Before you paint your eyes, it is important to choose the right shade means. Calm tones are applied to the top of the eye. A plus of the Asian type of face is the fact that almost all shades are suitable: both warm and cold. The only exception is terracotta and red tones. They give eyes a tired and sore look;

Makeup for narrow eyes

when creating a makeup, the outer corner of the eye should be highlighted with dark shades, shading towards the center;
in a similar color it is important to make up the lower eyelid, the tool is applied closer to the outer corner;
eyelashes are dyed with one layer, then combed. If desired, the use of invoices is allowed.

When creating a daily make-up for the eyes with a hanging eyelid, you should not paint over the eyelashes that are near the inner corner of the eye. To complete the image, twist the eyelashes near the outer corner.

Natural make-up for owners of Asian eyes can be done in several ways:

a light shade is applied to the upper part of the eye, and the outer corner of the eyes and eyelid from below are highlighted with dark;
to increase the size of the eye you want to draw a fold on the upper eyelid. So you will visually increase the size of the eyes.
yellow and gold shades are suitable for daily make-up.

In order to create a festive make-up, Asian-type eyes are allowed to use several options. The skin on the face level with the use of basics. Tone need perfect. Eyes highlight bright hues:

the eyelid on top of the eye is colored in a light tone;
shadows on the darker 1 tone emphasize the shape of the eyes, drawing a triangle on the outer corner;
it is important to shade the line along the fold;
from the center of the moving eyelid to the edge, apply bright shadows, choose rich pink;
Use a bright-colored eyeliner to draw an increasing arrow on the eyelid above the eye;

The Asian shape of the eyes has its own advantages, which need to be emphasized with the use of correct techniques.

Carefully move the eye from below with a pencil in a dark purple color, somewhat receding from the eyelashes;
Paint eyelashes in one layer and card.

As mentioned, girls with a narrow cut in their eyes are not recommended to draw arrows, but Asian eyes can be distinguished in this way.

Makeup for narrow eyes

It is important to know the secret: the line is held clearly by the growth of the eyelashes, but to the outer corner it should increase in width, and end with a neat arrow that goes to the temple.

Smoky eyes for Asian eyes

It is worth noting that the style of make-up smoky eyes is perfect for Asian slanted eyes:

Move the mobile eyelid carefully using a black pencil. The line should be shaded;
on the shading, apply black shadows and blend again, trying not to create excessive smearing;
place the eyelid below the eye with a black pencil and shade the line;
By applying a beige color, blend the border with a black tint on the moving eyelid;
Make up your eyelashes and hover your eyebrows.

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