Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes


Girls with dark hair and brown eyes are generously endowed with nature. They are subject to different images, thanks to the availability of a variety of solutions in make-up. For each make-up artist, this is a muse with which you can experiment using make-up.

Dark hair frames the face, lengthening and accentuating attention on the lines of the nose, lips. Brown eyes have a deep, expressive look that is good on professional photography.

Brunettes fit many color palettes, but the main thing - do not overdo it. The main mistake of many is the use of flashy, catchy images.

In fact, girls with an interesting appearance are inherent in drama. In order not to look funny, learn how to perform the perfect makeup.

Basic tips for brunettes

Most of the representatives of dark hair and brown eyes belong to the "winter" color type. They have fair skin on which different images are perfectly reflected. Successful can be called: brown, lilac, violet and the whole spectrum: from white and gray to the shade of the sea wave.

Avoid yellowing and peach tones that create an unhealthy look. Pay special attention to the condition of the skin. If there are acne, dry skin, use remedies, tonal basics, correctors.

Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

Girls with "autumn" color-type (warm appearance) can use a variety of shades. The exception is orange, as it simplifies the appearance, making it pale.

Be careful to use two or three dark or defiant shades in one look. Combine them by selecting the right combinations. On tanned skin, golden, purple, pearl and other light notes will help to emphasize the cut of the eyes and make them more expressive.

Makeup rules

Makeup for brunettes with dark or light skin should be applied with the observance of some features. The main of them: the eyeliner and the lip contour.

Brown-eyed need to use the liner for day and natural make-up. And it should be clear.

Even if the girl is not accustomed to apply a full-fledged makeup, eyeliner on the eyes should always be.

You can apply it in three ways:

pencil with the finest rod;
eyeliner in liquid form.

The second method is the solution for those who have no time to put the liner on a daily basis. If you opt for a tattoo, contact a professional master. The finished result should be a thin line, which can always be expanded with the help of intensive make-up.

Mascara for brunettes fits different colors. Give openness to a look, having painted eyelashes in blue or blue. Use dark brown mascara to add volume.

Shadows choose in accordance with the time of day and style of wardrobe. Beige and brown are suitable for everyday look. Tempting look with shadows of pink color, passing from light to dark. Evening makeup involves the use of dark tones.

Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

Another nuance of make-up for brown-eyed girls with dark curls is the selection of lip lines. They should be clear and graceful. If meykap does not intend to focus on them, give them a beautiful shape. For this there are glossy lipstick or gloss. Experiment with color combinations, just consider the features of skin tone.

When creating an image, select only one area: when applying bright shadows, do not use the same calling lipstick and vice versa.

When you follow these rules you will look great. They will help create a high-quality and stylish make-up in any image, for different situations.

Selection of shadows by shade

Brown can be any degree of saturation. Selecting the right combination of shadows is necessary depending on the degree of depth.

Highlight light brown eyes can be a liner or a pencil and the shadows of the palette of brown tones. Exclude is only too bright shades. More dark shadows should be applied to the mobile part of the century. Lighter and neutral apply on the underside. For a smooth transition blend the border areas using warm gold or pale emerald tones.

Honey will accentuate a brown pencil and shades of sparkling champagne. It is often combined with a violet gamut of a light shade. A pencil of bronze color will give a clear look. Black eyeliner is not suitable, because it does not express the natural beauty of the eyes.

Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

Brown eyes of a moderate degree of saturation harmoniously emphasize the shadow of a green, bronze or purple hue. Bronze and copper look appropriate from metallic colors.The exception is made by steel pencils.

Dark brown eyes look great in a frame with soft purple, bronze, brown, green shades. Make the eyeliner with a charcoal-black pencil or liquid eyeliner. But you can combine it only with the shadows of a dark shade.

Natural Makeup

It is suitable for business conversations, office work, recreation outside the city and on the beach.

To create a natural make-up you need only 5-6 cosmetics and a little time.

Reflective Concealer. It is applied under the eyes, on the nasolabial folds, areas with acne or freckles. Fill until the boundaries of its application become invisible.

Loose powder or quality foundation and powder. Give the corrector a little dry and apply loose powder with the thinnest layer. Replace it with foundation and powder. As a result, the surface should become like a satin, flat and without flaws. At the same time, avoid the effect of a mask that can add a couple of years to a real age.

Pencil or dark eyeliner. One of these objects is necessary for shaping the eyes.Bring them so that the outer corners slightly lift. When performing daytime make-up, it is allowed to leave the lower eyelid without liner. It should be located as close as possible to the lash line so that the eyes look natural.

Mascara. For such make-up is suitable black or dark brown. The choice of the color of the eyes. If they have a deep shade, paint the eyelashes with black mascara. If the eyes are light brown, a dark brown shade is allowed.

Smear lips with foundation. It is necessary to create a naturalistic look. From above apply a pinkish-beige or pale pink lipstick lipstick. Alternatively, use the shine of a natural shade.

Romantic makeup for brown-eyed brunettes

Bright brunettes with a lively look look great with a gentle make-up when the emphasis is shifted to the lips.

It differs from the makeup for blonde girls, as the depth of brown eyes does not allow to look as gentle.

In the creation of makeup you need 2 shades:

shadows - smoky plum matte tone;
shine - pink with a gentle bluish podtonom.

Step-by-step algorithm for creating a gentle makeup

Align the skin on the same principle as in natural makeup.

Apply eyeliner, as in the previous version. Before you make up your eyelashes with mascara, apply smoky shadows and pound them carefully. Smoky-plum can be replaced by a touch of bitter cocoa. Only in this case the ink must be plum or black.
Bring the sponge with a shine or a sweet pink.
This make-up is suitable with clothes in pastel colors. He looks great with a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

The subtleties of evening makeup for brown-eyed girls

We offer 3 evening image solutions.

Based on a combination of pistachio and bitter chocolate.
It is based on the use of chocolate and gold, which ideally emphasizes the particular depth of brown eyes.
Used shades of champagne, silver.

The basis of beautiful make-up is perfectly even skin. Use concealer, loose powder or tinting agent to mask dark circles, pimples, freckles and other skin imperfections. Then the makeup looks well-groomed and expensive.

When applying corrective means, remember that the face should look natural, and not like a mask.

To highlight the use of liquid black eyeliner.From the inside of the corners paint with mother-of-pearl shadows. From the outside, paint in darker tones. All carefully blend. In this case, the result depends on the tones used.

To highlight the depth of the eyes, use pistachio palettes. To create an image of an oriental woman, use the color of gold. Want to conquer others with your bottomless eyes? Use shimmering shadows to create the illusion of snow. Paint your eyelashes with black mascara as your final touch.

Brunettes with eyes of a shade of black coffee or chocolate are golden, bronze. Such an image will catch the attention of men and cause genuine interest. For the eyes of a light palette, golden, bronze tones are suitable. This image is perfect for holiday photos.

Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes and bright face

Dark curls with light skin are the original polarity, which is easy to emphasize or lubricate with cosmetics. Supplement your own image correctly to always stay on top. Here is the standard makeup for a brunette with fair skin.

Cleanse the skin and use the foundation with a moisturizing effect.Eliminate all irregularities and defects.
Light shadows shade on the full area of ​​the upper eyelid and shade carefully. It is necessary that the shade occupy the entire space up to the border of the eyebrows.
Highlight cheekbones with fatty blush. Use dark tones. Blush and powder your face.
Bright-skinned brunettes have berry flowers lipstick. Apply it 2-3 times with a brush.

For eye make-up classics are shades of ivory and khaki or gray-brown tones.

Makeup for brunettes with dark skin

Feminine sex with dark hair and dark skin to create the correct image fit warm shades.

Clean the skin and apply a tonal foundation. It should match the color of the skin. In order not to be mistaken, choose cosmetic products that are developed specifically for dark skin.
From above eyelids completely cover with beige shadows. Shade the outer corner and crease. Use shades of a dark brown color. Use them to lower the eyelid. If desired, circle the eyeliner and dye your eyelashes with black mascara. It should be applied in 2 layers.
Cover lips with lipstick and highlight lines with a pencil. Lipstick select in a brownish palette with a pinkish podtonom. To make it better lay, apply lipstick with a brush.

Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

Features make-up for brown-eyed

The most successful evening image suggests focusing on the eyes. This is due to the fact that most evening activities are accompanied by a meal. It is not always possible to correct lip makeup in this case.

Often on the lips to complete the image is enough to apply beige shine or lipstick neutral tones.

Makeup for eyes can be different. The highlight of the image is a wide arrow. It will add drama and mystery. Use waterproof coal-black products.
Smokey Aiz - a solution that has already gained popularity and has become a classic. To perform it, blend dark shadows on a mobile eyelid and stretch the borders, which are located towards the temple. In the inner side, apply a white tone.

Another version of evening makeup with an emphasis on the eyes - a game on opposites. Make it catchy using contrasting color shade. Apply a deep emerald to the outer corner, and bright yellow colors to the inner corners. It's stylish, boldly and original.

Draw attention to lips

Brunettes with red lipstick attracted and attracted the attention of others. Such a girl is always noticeable: at a social events or party. Only if the make-up is done carefully.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of lipstick. Try on the image in artificial and daylight, alternating dark or red. Make sure that the color of the lipstick emphasizes the whiteness of the teeth, and not yellow.

To lipstick went smoothly, perform a peeling lips before the event.

After all, peeling and blurred contour will make a negative impression. Brown eyes in this makeup do not emit. It is enough to perform a day make-up, preferring the shadows of the matte palette. Apply a thin layer of mascara to give a slight tint to the eyelashes. Secure the image with crumbly powder.

Now that you know all the subtleties of applying makeup for your own type of appearance, you will become the focus of any event.

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