Makeup for brown eyes


The color of the brown eyes is considered one of the most common in the world. They are sung by poets, songs are composed of them, they emit a special warmth and tenderness. Make-up for brown eyes is equally difficult, as for a different color, if you do not know the basic rules of visage. For them, almost the entire color palette of shadows and blush, the color of pencils, and each color of curls. Choosing a profitable personal version of the color palette is necessary only guided by the color of the skin, the color of the hair and eyebrows.

Makeup for brown eyes

The technique of applying makeup for the brown eyes

The make-up begins with the equalization of skin tone, and giving it a dullness and velvety. After all, it is impossible to divert attention with eye makeup from the oily glitter of the face or dark circles under the eyes. So, we begin:

Wash your face and make peeling. Apply a day cream under makeup, let it soak for about 5-10 minutes. Apply the foundation of the tone, excluding the eyelid area and the place under the eyes. Be sure to use a special sponge for the foundation, so that there are no grooves and streaks from the fingers. Use the corrector to retouch redness and dark circles under the eyes.Take a kabuki brush and powder your face on top of the pitch. Avoid applying a thick layer of foundation and powder so that the face does not turn into an impenetrable wax mask.

Before you start applying cosmetics, look critically at your face in the mirror.

Pay attention to the eyelid area, and traces of eyestrain.

It may be, the red blood vessels on the squirrels, a change in the color of the eyeballs, or the reddening and swelling of the eyelids. Remember that no, even an amazing makeup, you will not fix these shortcomings. So take care of the health of your skin and eyes first. To correct eye problems you need to consult a doctor. A swelling and redness of the eyelids to remove their own. To do this, there are many traditional cosmetics and traditional medicine that will help you in solving this particular problem.

Makeup for brown eyes

In choosing decorative cosmetics, be guided by the hue of the eyes, the color of the skin and sometimes the color of the hair. Stylists recommend that you choose the following colors for your eyelids:

Green of all shades;
Copper and golden.

Avoid shadows too bright colors, they will distract attention to themselves from your beautiful eyes.In the design of the eyelids for the brown-eyed, there is one important rule - the upper eyelid above the eyelashes up to the fold - dark shadows, the lower eyelid - light. In the event that you use several colors, transitions need to be shaded with special care. There is a gradation of colors of shadows depending on the hue of brown eyes:

Honey brown eyes.

For this shade has its limitations in the use of decorative cosmetics. Black felt-tip pen (pencil) for brown eyes is a classic, but in this case it is better to replace it with dark brown or chocolate. In a festive (wedding) make-up, it is allowed in rare cases. Select the color of the shadows from the following palette:

Delicate shades of champagne;
Calm bronze;
Violet and purple.

Hue brown eye medium saturation.

These are amazing eyes that change color depending on the brightness of the lighting, and even the mood of their owner. But women have an advantage - with the help of properly selected cosmetics, they can change the brightness and saturation of the hazel tint. So, for owners of this kind of iris, there are the following recommendations for choosing the color of the shadows:

Saturated bronze;
Bright colors of green;
Dark violet and violet.

Do not use any of the gray colors as the color solution. This will create a general dissonance, and unnatural in the image.

Charming dark brown eyes.

Amazing, languid and deep brown eyes are a gift of nature for a woman. It is necessary to handle this color with care so as not to upset the delicate balance that is present in the image of every woman with charming “black eyes”. They come in the same colors as for other brown-eyed individuals:

Dark Bronze;
Bright violet;
All shades are brown.

Makeup for brown eyes

All colors of decorative cosmetics should be saturated, clear, but not darker than the shade of the eyes. Black pencil does not use soft texture, and eyeliner only as a supplement to the dark evening makeup.

To absolutely correctly choose the color of shadows, focus also on the color of the hair and eyebrows. So, for girls with dark eyes and light curls, it is better to opt for pastel shades of sand, pink and beige. Use a gentle green or light olive.

Girls with brown eyes and a dark tinge of curls can recommend colors brighter, and more saturated gamma. These include lilac, rich pink.

But there is an important nuance! Nobody argues that for brown-eyed girls the range of chocolate tones is suitable as for anyone else. However, the following shades of brown should be avoided:

Colors that are closer to the carrot shade;
Shades of terracotta.

Be sure to mention the rules for using eyeliner and pencil for brown eyes. The main tools for eye shape correction are pencil, eyeliner and mascara. These tools are especially relevant for creating an image of an oriental beauty.

The main rule for applying eyeliner is to draw a line that will be as close as possible to the eyelash growth line. If in the upper eyelid the arrow can be both thick and thin, then in the lower eyelid it should be drawn with a thin line. The upper arrow is drawn from the inner corner of the eye with a thin line. Starting from the center, as you approach the outer corner, the thickness of the arrow begins to gradually increase. Further than the angle of the eye, the arrow slightly rises upward and thins to form a thin tail.Thereby, you will give your eyes a form of tonsils, and make the look even deeper.

Makeup for brown eyes

In choosing the color of the eyeliner and pencil, be guided by the color of the shadows. However, the traditional black and brown eyeliner - not all possible options. Try using purple for the arrows. It looks great with a few shades of pink. Lilac eyeliner is perfect for shades of brown shades of shades.

Color mascara is an addition to creating the right eye makeup. Eyelashes without it look faded, and this will negatively affect the image as a whole. As a rule, dark-eyed beauties have naturally dark hair and the same eyebrows and eyelashes. But in this case, we are talking about the carcass is not as a means of coloring. Even if you have gorgeous eyelashes that look like butterfly wings, give them even more volume and lengthen. Women with dark eyes are advised to use only black mascara. Experiment with the brown and gray version, but make sure that these colors do not suit you. There is one trick - to add extra volume to your eyelashes, apply one layer of mascara, close your eyes, and powder them.After apply a second layer of mascara.

Makeup for brown eyes: step by step instructions

The first is to apply the correct foundation, concealer and blush. The following actions are more difficult, but with some skills of applying cosmetics, you can easily cope with this:

Take a pencil, eyeliner or cosmetic marker, draw a line of arrows, or just draw a line along the contour of the eyelashes.
First, select a palette of shadows that match the color of the eyes, skin, hair and eyebrows. Try not to use in the makeup more than two or three colors of the shadows. Light shadows are distributed on the upper eyelid under the brow and up to the fold. Shadows darker apply to the outer corner of the eye. Outline their folds. Just be sure to shade so that it is not clearly visible. The corner of the lower eyelid (you can right up to the center) draw dark shadows. All gently shade.
Apply mascara on eyelashes so as not to overdo it.

Two layers of mascara is the maximum amount you can apply.

The third and subsequent layers will only glue the cilia, and they will look like the spider's paws. After applying the first layer, wait a minute until it dries, and apply the next one.

Evening makeup for brown eyes

Here, where the flight of fantasy of stylists is not limited, it is in the options of a festive evening makeup for brown-eyed beauties. Here combine not two or three, but more colors. It is not difficult to do this; in the palettes of shadows sold in the store, ideal combinations of colors are collected.

Makeup for brown eyes

So, the sequence of actions when applying evening make-up is as follows:

Determine for yourself the main color in makeup. It is applied to the eyelid above the line of the eyelashes to the fold.
Take the color of the shadows, which will be a tone two darker than the main one, and paint over it the outer corner of the outer eyelid and fold.
The rest of the selected colors should be lighter. Distribute them under the eyebrow, on the plane of the fixed upper eyelid, and in the inner corner of the eye. Be sure to blend the boundaries of colors to avoid sudden transitions.
Correctly distribute colors when applied to the inner and outer corner of the upper eyelid. Be sure to add a contrasting color to the gamut of the shadow set. At the same time, if you have narrow eyes, distribute this color on the inner corner of the eyelid, if large - under the eyebrow.
For the evening makeup option, take a black pencil.Draw the arrow or line directly above the eyelashes. Gently blend.
Paint eyelashes with mascara with the effect of increasing volume.


Everyday makeup for brown eyes

Day makeup for brown-eyed girls is not much different from make-up for other eye colors. He is light, neat, discreet and gentle. In order for brown eyes to look expressive, no special effort is needed. Nature did it for you. So, brown-eyed beauties can make a minimum of effort, while getting maximum pleasure from their own reflection in the mirror.

Makeup for brown eyes

The exception, again, is blue. Bright green and blue are not desirable. Wonderful fit golden, purple and beige shades. Fine brown-eyed blondes can use the whole range of pastel shades - from milk to light chocolate. It looks attractive gentle lilac shade.

In the office day makeup a clear eyeliner looks somewhat defiant. If you think that you cannot do without arrows, make them with a pencil, so they will become less noticeable, and they will look natural.

Makeup for brown eyes and blond hair

Amazing and mysterious girls with dark eyes and light curls are very bright and amazing in themselves.

In order not to "frighten off" this peculiar charm, you need to carefully approach the choice of colors for applying makeup.

Seriously approach the color and options for applying a tonal base, concealer and blush. Do not use blush pink flowers. Better manage a range of beige and light brown shades. Velvety skin and healthy shine - the key to perfect makeup.

Blonde girls, as a rule, have light color of eyebrows and eyelashes. Therefore, for a start, tint eyebrows so that they are 2 shades darker than hair color.
Pick up the shadows so that they are darker than the skin and hair. Too bright look vulgar, and too light will make the eyelids tired, and the look painful. Extremely attentive to the shadows with mother of pearl. They will create the impression of a swelling of the eyelids.
Make an arrow on the contour of the lashes of the upper eyelid. It is not strange, but it is brown-eyed blondes who go pencils and eyeliners in black. When using these funds brown, you can achieve the effect of inflamed eyes.
Thinly scribe from the middle of the lower eyelid to the outer corner of the arrow, and be sure to blend it.
Apply the selected palette of shadows according to the scheme described above. Do not forget to carefully shade the border.
Like a pencil, eyeliner and felt-tip pen, the color of the carcass must be black.

Choose colors, work on their combination, experiment, and you will create your own unique image.

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