Lunar calendar for haircuts and dyeing for June

Astrologer Vera Khubelashvili told about the best days to write to the beauty salon in the first month of summer.
Vera Khubelashvili, astrologer:
Vera Khubelashvili

- The long-awaited and easy June is coming to us - the summer begins, and a great idea is to emphasize the immediacy, openness, youth, which it symbolizes. It was at this time, as if by magic, that the sun was warming, nature was happy with colors, bright, fragrant berries and vegetables appeared on the table.

This is the time when you need to wear stylish light-colored clothes, do a bright summer manicure, pedicure and open yourself to tan. But everything must be done with the mind. Having learned to follow the lunar calendar of haircuts in your daily life, you save the body from the unjustified expenditure of energy, make natural rhythms as your assistants and gradually improve the quality of your hair.

VenusThis month will not be the most harmonious, so the chances of making your dream hairstyle decrease a little.Especially it is necessary to avoid the days when Venus will be amazed: 5, 14, 21 and 25 June 2018. For the first half of the month, Venus, the planet of beauty, will continue to follow the sign of Cancer, which can push you to make soft waves, dissolve hair or beautifully braid, emphasizing femininity. After June 14, whenVenus will enter LeoMost likely, you will have a desire to make more luxurious hairstyles or even add red hues to the image, use shiny hair adornments, in a word, in every possible way to draw attention to your person.

You need to focus primarily onstate of the lunar disk. In June, it changes like this:

• newborn sickle (New Moon) - June 13;

• the perfect lunar disk (Full Moon) - June 28;

• the growing night queen - from June 14 to June 27;

• the decreasing disk of the Moon - from 1 to 12 June.

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People have long noticed that if you cut the curls on the growing moon, the hair will start to grow faster. This feature can take advantage of those who need to grow long strands quickly, for example, to some significant date. In the first summer monththe days of the rising moon- from 14 to 27 June. To keep your hair in shape longer, go for a haircut on dayswaning moon- 1 to 12, 29, 30 June.

The periods of the New Moon and the Full Moon are not easy days when you need to be extremely careful with your hair and your beloved one. Try to exclude any procedures with hair these days. In JuneThe moon is waningfrom 1 to 12 of June. Despite the gradual decline of strength and weakening of the immune defense, you should not lose heart and cancel all the hair care procedures.

Using the tips of the lunar calendar, a woman can not only gain beauty, but also significantly affect their health, well-being, physical and mental well-being.

Given the energy of the dayfavorable haircutson the following days:12, 16, 19, 22.

Pay attention to June 28th. The day is ambiguous. After a haircut in life attract good luck in professional affairs. But with equal probability, you may feel weak, depressed or unwell.

Using these recommendations, you can forget about problems with hair for a very long period!

*Haircuts for accelerated hair growth:16−20, 22−24.

*Haircuts for hair strengthening:1, 10, 11, 18−20, 28, 29.

*Haircut hair ends:16−20, 22−24.

*Haircut bangs:1−4, 8, 10−12, 28−30.

*Coloring:16−19, 26.

*Hair extension:16−19.

*Hair straightening:18, 19.

*Hair treatment:1, 11, 18, 19, 25, 26, 29.

*The most favorable days for treatments with hair:1, 16−19.

*Unfavorable days for treatments with hair:5−7, 9, 13−15, 21, 25, 30.

Hair coloring in June 2018

Coloring is a routine monthly procedure for many women. If you are dyeing your hair for the first time, it is better to listen to what the stars whisper. For example, with a decreasing disc, the hair shafts become too vulnerable, and the dye will quickly wash off.

Be sure to consider the influence of stars on the world around you.Record well with the styliston the following June days:

- 2 - refreshing your hair on this day, you will make the day memorable, bright;

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- 3 - you can experiment with crayons for hair and tinted shampoos;

- 16, 17 - successful days for lamination, dyeing, extension - a new hair color will give confidence and help you enjoy life;

- 18, 19 - will have a good effect on low self-esteem, will bring joy from communication with loved ones and friends

- 26 will bring success, give luck at work and at home;

If you believe in horoscopes,put off staining4, 5, 7, 9 (a great chance to quarrel with someone), 14, 15 (everything goes wrong), 21, 25 (can bring into life financial trouble and excess weight).

Moon without course in June 2018

In astrology, there is another very important concept - the Moon without a course.This is the time when any undertakings do not bring the desired result, whatever they may concern. And this directly applies to the results of visits to beauty salons. Therefore, be sure to consider these periods of motion of the moon when planning a visit to a hairdresser!

2.06.2018 6:37 – 3.06.2018 1:06

4.06.2018 8:10 – 5.06.2018 13:53

7.06.2018 9:35 – 8.06.2018 0:26

9.06.2018 22:37 – 10.06.2018 7:04

12.06.2018 6:29 – 12.06.2018 9:53

13.06.2018 22:43 – 14.06.2018 10:20

15.06.2018 19:18 – 16.06.2018 10:21

18.06.2018 6:26 – 18.06.2018 11:40

20.06.2018 13:51 – 20.06.2018 15:29

22.06.2018 4:34 – 22.06.2018 22:11

24.06.2018 17:00 – 25.06.2018 7:29

26.06.2018 15:53 – 27.06.2018 18:52

29.06.2018 11:58 – 30.06.2018 7:37

Dear young ladies! Be always the most compelling and attractive in any place and society. And remember that you are primarily a woman, and only then - a spouse, mother or grandmother.

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