List of the most effective remedies for fungus

Fungus is a contagious and extremely unpleasant disease that causes severe discomfort and leads to negative consequences. It is necessary to treat it effectively and in a timely manner, and specialized drugs will help in this. Find out which of them are the most effective.

Remedies for foot lesions

If a fungal infection spreads to the feet, then at a pharmacy it is easy to purchase local products that come in various forms. Let's consider the list of the most effective:

  • If not the best, then exactly one of the most effective preparations for the fungus on the legs is Exoderil cream. Such an agent contains naftifine as an active substance, which has pronounced fungicidal properties and effectively copes with fungal microorganisms.
  • Lamizil. The main substance is terbinafine. The drug is available in the form of a spray, cream and gel, so you can choose the most convenient option to use.
  • "Nitrofungin" - no less effective means, which has the form of a solution intended for external application and contains chloronitrophenol, as well as water and ethanol.
  • "Sebozol" is an ointment of a wide range of influence, designed to eliminate fungal lesions of different parts of the body.
  • Terbinafin. The drug is sold in the form of an ointment or cream and contains terbinafine as an active ingredient. Its area of ​​influence is very wide, so it destroys most fungi.
  • "Mifungar" contains oxyconazole.
  • "Zalain." As part of sertaconazole, and it is produced in the form of a cream.
  • "Econazole" is made on the basis of imidazole derivative, produced in a convenient gel form.
  • Nizoral is in the form of a cream and contains ketoconazole, which has a fungicidal effect.
  • "Bifosin." In its composition component with a pronounced antifungal activity of bifonazole. The forms of release are several: a spray, a powder-powder, a solution, a cream. The drug is suitable for treating feet and other areas of the body, and the application will be as comfortable as possible.

Preparations against nail fungus

The following drugs are used against fungal nail diseases:

  • Mikozan.The main component is the filtrate of rye enzyme. The kit includes a tube with a convenient brush applicator and disposable files for removing the affected layer of the plate.
  • "Loceryl". This varnish as the main component contains amorolfin, characterized by a wide spectrum of action. The kit includes applicators for the distribution of the composition and a set of disposable saw blades for cleaning.
  • "Oflomil." The active ingredient is amorolfine. In the kit, in addition to the bottle with varnish, you can find applicators for application, files for pre-treatment of plates and tampons for cleaning in a sachet.
  • Batrafen is another very effective remedy. Like most others, it has a convenient form of lacquer applied to the affected nail plates. The active ingredient is ciclopiroxolamine, effective against most fungal microorganisms.
  • "Nogtivit". This drug, which contains several active substances, allows you to remove the affected layer. Fixation of the plaster on the nail and treatment with the solution are supposed. The horny layer damaged by fungi is removed after a few days.
  • "Nogtimitsin" is a multi-component cream applied to the affected nail fungus. It contains lavender, kayeputa and mint oils, beeswax and emulsion waxes, salicylic acid and other components.
  • "Mycospores." If you want to cure mycosis quickly, then try using this drug that contains several substances (among them bifonazole). The ointment is supplemented with a dispenser, a scraper and a water-resistant plaster fixed on the nail.

Folk remedies

Treatment with folk remedies is also allowed, but it is better to use them as part of complex therapy simultaneously with pharmaceutical preparations that have antifungal effects. Consider a few proven homemade recipes:

  • Tea tree oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be used in mycosis. You can simply apply it to the lesions in small doses. You can also mix this oil with a base oil (olive, linseed) and treat problem areas with the resulting mixture.
  • Vinegar. Doing the bath with it, you can get rid of the fungus. Pour two liters of warm water into a basin and dissolve a glass of 9% vinegar in it.Immerse the feet in such a solution and keep them in a container for at least twenty to thirty minutes. If the nails are thick, and the skin is rough, the amount of vinegar can be increased.
  • Excellent cope with the fungus celandine. Tear off the stems, flowers and leaves of a fresh plant, chop the raw materials, squeeze out of it the juice to be applied to areas with manifestations of mycosis.
  • Buy a regular iodine in a pharmacy and use it. Apply the product to the damaged nail fungus and skin areas of the foot. The minimum duration of treatment is three weeks.
  • Heat up to about 45 degrees three liters of water, add to it a half cup of baking soda and three tablespoons of grated household or tar soap. In this solution, the feet should be kept for half an hour.
  • Rub three teeth of garlic on a grater or skip through a press, mix with a small amount of olive oil and apply the resulting gruel to the areas of inflammation. It is advisable to wrap the feet with gauze and cellophane. After an hour, wash your feet with warm water.


Finally, a few recommendations for the successful treatment of fungal infections. First, before treatment, consult a doctor and consult with him to confirm the diagnosis and advise an effective remedy.Secondly, it is important to use the selected drug regularly, that is, daily (in some cases twice a day). Third, you need to complete a complete course.

Its duration depends on the degree of damage to the foot or nail, but the treatment should continue even after the symptoms disappear for at least five to seven days to fix the results. Fourthly, process not only the lesions, but also the surrounding tissues. Fifthly, follow the instructions given in the instructions. And, sixthly, treat the fungus in a timely manner and follow the rules for the prevention of this disease.

Use only effective drugs for the treatment of mycoses to solve a delicate problem as soon as possible.

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