Liposuction procedure: the whole truth

Every woman wants to be beautiful, desired and harmonious, and yet not everyone can love her reflection in the mirror, a huge variety of complexes and “flaws” negatively affect women's self-esteem.

Here, then and come to the rescue a huge amount of cosmetics, rejuvenating and tightening procedures, and, of course, plastic surgery.

Liposuction procedure is not at all an easy cosmetic “tuning” of the female body, as some girls and women perceive this process, but rather a serious surgical procedure that requires proper attention and a certain moral preparation.

Sometimes you can hear that liposuction is a therapy for the lazy, because in this way you can lose a few extra pounds, but at the same time do not torment yourself with heavy physical exertion, diets or drugs.

Many fatigues dream of getting rid of excess fat

Perhaps that is why this operation is in great demand among women and men,let's face it: rapidly increasing inner thighs, a big belly, strongly rounded buttocks, cheeks and second chins are not the best friends of a beautiful and self-confident woman.

But whatever beauty and promises there were not distributed among surgical clinics, it is worth remembering that even in such a seemingly harmless and harmless procedure there are “pitfalls”.

How and where is liposuction performed?

First of all, let's talk about what the procedure itself is: pumping out excess and excess fat deposits on specific "zonal" parts of the body.

Thus, the contours of the body are improved, the figure acquires the “correct” outlines, but this does not mean at all that at once you will turn into a thin and small Thumbelina.

Such operations are best suited for people with good physical fitness, but who, due to heredity or physiological characteristics of the body, show zones with elevated body fat.

In women, it is usually the inner surface of the thighs, the lower abdomen and the back surface of the buttocks, sometimes the hands and ankles.Liposuction of the abdomen or thighs, as well as other parts of the body, is not a cheap pleasure, the price of such happiness is a considerable amount of money.

Your contours may decrease

But our ladies don’t sacrifice anything, so even such large sums do not bother the fair sex, when unpleasant folds and excessive swelling become difficult to hide from prying eyes.

However, it must be remembered, liposuction is not a procedure that can cure various forms of obesity, get rid of stretch marks and cellulite, and also help to get rid of physical exercises and a diet of proper nutrition for life.

Just the opposite, on the contrary, the very best results after such an operation are shown by those people who regularly go in for sports, lead an active lifestyle and, naturally, watch what they eat.

Almost everyone can do this procedure, of course, the more resilient and younger the patient's skin, the better the results will be as close to the ideal as possible.

Such a “transformation” can also be performed by aged people, however, it should be remembered that after forty years the skin gradually loses its elasticity and firmness, this becomes the cause of lower results of the operation.

There are several types of liposuction - laser, ultrasound and electronic (non-surgical). The vacuum method is considered the most popular among women, in which small cuts are made in special areas of the body (usually in natural skin folds). Through them, a small tube is inserted into the subcutaneous layer, which sucks in excess fat.

The ultrasonic method is considered less painful, although, in fact, they are all similar to each other and differ only in the method of destruction of the fat layer. This method involves the introduction into the subcutaneous space of an ultrasound probe, which causes there the appearance of the effect of bubbles, and they, in turn, exploding, also explode fat cells.

Well, the most, according to many, safe method - non-surgical, which involves the destruction of fatty deposits using electric current. All girls and women use mostly the first method, and we'll talk about it in more detail.

How is liposuction: rehabilitation and contraindications

Before you lay down on the operating table, you need to carefully approach the question of a specialist, because it is from his magic hands that the beauty of your "new" body will hang.

Find a good doctor and clinic

After the first consultation and mutual consent to the operation, the doctor must refer you to the necessary tests, because the whole procedure is carried out under general or superficial anesthesia, therefore your body should be ready for such loads, and the specialist must check this. Usually a few weeks before the appointed date X, the doctor requires light weight loss from patients in order to understand what “correct” contours need to be given to your body.

The operation itself is as follows: small incisions are made through which a sterile solution is injected to reduce the risk of bleeding. After that, thin tubes are inserted, controlled movements are made to move the fat, which is subsequently sucked off using a special vacuum syringe.

It must be remembered that immediately after the operation, the result will be hardly noticeable, and maybe even you may find it completely negative.

It’s all a matter of excess sterile fluid, which in a few days will gradually come out of the small incisions made during the operation. The allowable amount of fat that is actually and possible to pump out in one operation is 1.5-2 liters.

Do not believe those stories that promise 10-liter losses, firstly it is almost unreal, and secondly, even if so, it is very harmful to health and the appearance of the skin and silhouette.

After such an operation, all specialists recommend that their patients stick to a fairly strict diet, and after 4-5 weeks they should start playing sports. All this time, you will have to wear corrective underwear and elastic bandages that will help control the swelling of the body and “seat” the skin in the right places.

Contraindications, as well as to any surgical intervention, exist, and they must be taken into account for the successful outcome of the operation. These include patients with pronounced diseases of the kidneys and liver, diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as women during pregnancy and immediately after childbirth.

There may be specific cases, each of which must be considered separately. You are probably interested in how much it costs to do liposuction of the abdomen or hips in the clinic? As we have said, the procedure is not cheap and, depending on the level of the clinic and the doctor’s reputation, can vary from € 2,000 to € 10,000.

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