Lime color kitchen

Kitchen set

A lime-colored kitchen set is a very common way to use this color in the kitchen. This color looks good with beige, light, white tones, as well as dark, brown and chocolate. Often lime color is used in the two-color facade system.


If you arrange the lime color of the wall, the small kitchen will “revive”, it will become brighter. But in a large dining room you can apply this color - experiment, because the color of lime is suitable for all types of cuisine.


An interesting solution is to decorate the ceiling in this color, stretch glossy lime-colored ceilings are suitable here. Add such interesting interior solution with curtains of the same color, as well as kitchen objects of bright color.


Or you can choose furniture for the kitchen color lime. For example, a bright sofa or a kitchen corner of this yellow-green shade will perfectly fit into a large and small kitchen. Get a very unusual piece of furniture.

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