Life hacking for seducing on a first date

All the tips on this topic usually revolve around the same bored postulates: put on red, listen more than speak, and in addition don’t write to him first to seem inaccessible. And what if in red you feel like a circus actress (not to mention red, transparent and lacy), adore talking on dates (including your life successes) and can't stand waiting for a call back if you decide for yourself first? In practice, it is possible to deceive without having to apply the image of a beautiful meek person who is waiting for someone’s initiative, and using more intelligent techniques, for example, to seduce with the help of body language. Namely, giving the interlocutor simple non-verbal signals of attraction, which will automatically be read by his brain as positive.

Step 1: Smile and stay positive for the first 5 minutes.

Scientists say that the first 3–7 minutes of communication are important at the first meeting in life,moreover, at this time, the brain absorbs and processes the interlocutor's speech with difficulty, but at the same time it immediately captures such details as facial expressions, gestures, intonation, the mood of a new acquaintance. It is during these precious few minutes that our brain makes up its impression of a person, which then will not be so easy to change (remember how you didn’t like a person for some unknown reason at first glance, or you just fell in love with someone literally first seconds of communication), so you need to correctly use this time. Namely, to keep open, positively and with a smile, do not try to immediately dump a lot of information on a person at least in these few minutes, but devote more time to the greeting and try to “feel” the interlocutor’s style of communication.

Life hacking for seducing on a first date

Step 2: pay attention to body position

The so-called inclined body position is called the “navel rule”: it is believed that if you direct the navel to your interlocutor and sit directly in front of it, then you are completely open to the person. On dates and in the tactics of seduction, you can follow this method exactly the opposite (after all, this is not a friendly meeting!): Sit with a half-sided man,opening his neck at the same time (again, according to scientists, this is almost the most important organ in non-verbal contact), tilting his head slightly sideways and looking at the interlocutor as if over his shoulder.

Step 3: Order a warm drink and chocolate

But this line is not about body language, but we just could not include it in the list of life hacking for seduction. It turns out that what we eat and drink also affects our perception of a person. Chocolate produces serotonin - a "hormone of happiness" - and is associated with a feeling of love in our brain, and warm drinks, unlike cold ones, tend to be liberated and open in communication. Well, let that summer in the yard, we have coffee and chocolate truffles, please!

Life hacking for seducing on a first date

Step 4: Touch the person

Touches are an integral part of flirting, although they can be postponed until the second, and until the fifth date, according to your desire. Remembering yourself for the future is only one thing: touches activate heartbeat, increase blood circulation and cause the body to secrete oxytocin, so it's a sin not to use them in seduction. For the first date, for example, here is a technique of attracting a partner, tried and tested by scientists, in the process of communicating unobtrusively to touch it in a place from the elbow to the palm of your hand.This zone has sufficient sensitivity, and at the same time such touches do not hint so clearly on sex.

Step 5: Make Eye Contact

In the sphere of working relations, eye-to-eye is considered a symbol of threat, and in romantic, on the contrary, means interest and attraction. You can combine eye-to-eye with unobtrusive touches or practice a direct look at moments when you are surrounded by people so that a person feels that all your attention is focused on him. If you hesitate to meet his eyes, then look at his lips - this look also has tempting functions.

Life hacking for seducing on a first date

Step 6: Take center position

This method works for any situation when you are with a person of interest to you in a large company. Pay attention to where he stands, and try to be in his field of vision, or even come forward against the rest. In this way, his attention will automatically focus on you as on the foreground character of the whole action.

Step 7: discard the perfume in favor of the cream

Many girls will tell you that they have a special scent, which, in their opinion, madly like men. But scientists do not agree that aromas are, in principle, good for the first meeting.It turns out that a sharp, strange smell tends to push away and distract a person, while our natural body odor does not possess such “aggressive” properties. It turns out that it is better not to overdo it with the perfume or even prefer it to the light smell of lotion or body oil.

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