Learn to wear the right bandage on your head (18 photos)

Every smart girl knows perfectly well that beautiful and well-groomed hair is an important attribute that always adorns and complements a girl or woman, they are able to give an image of youth and ease.

In order for the hair to look good, it is necessary not only to take care of their health, but also be able to properly and interestingly decorate them with head accessories.

Autumn is a time of bright colors

Gum, hairpins, hoops - this, of course, well and well-known, but you want something unusual! Headbands are excellent assistants in this matter, they allow you to give your hair an unprecedented volume, expressiveness and style.

Just loose hair - it's boring, but it's worth adding to them with any bandage, as your image will play with new colors and facets. Of course, because the variety of these lovely bandages can tempt even the most selective ladies, they can be put on in a variety of situations, they decorate any image, give it a certain charm and light notes of vintage.

Bring bright colors to life

Such a variety of supported styles is easily explained, because this stylish female accessory has a rich history of origin. For example, the Indians used a thin bandage to support heavy feathers on the head, but in ancient Greece, young girls liked to decorate their hair with thin ribbons and ribbon braids.

Slavic girls have long used this accessory, back in the 10th century they wore wide bandages that almost completely covered their foreheads, and were tied at the back of their heads under their hair.

In the image of Aphrodite

Usually such ribbons were made of expensive fabrics - brocade, velvet or silk, by the way, they even had their own name - “headrest”. Most often, they were decorated with embroidery, and the richer versions were embroidered with metal ornaments and ribbons.

In the 60s of the last century, bandages became popular among Westerners, and a little later, among Soviet hippies. Such hair ornaments were very characteristic, most often they were made by themselves - they were woven from pieces of leather, fabric or threads, beads and beads were woven into them, they observed certain symbolism and supplemented them with inscriptions.

Great decoration for festive attire

Modern bandages on the head are very diverse, they can be made independently, or they can be purchased in stores. They can be festive or casual, with stones, rhinestones or beads, made of leather or silk, with lace or knitwear, warm or light.

In order to choose a bandage on your head, you need to be guided only by personal preferences, the planned image and season, because, in fact, they are universal accessories, suitable for almost any girl or woman.

What are fashionable headbands this year?

In fact, the hair dressings themselves are a very popular hair accessory, regardless of their appearance and style. The main thing is to choose the one that will perfectly harmonize with your image, otherwise you will look somewhat ridiculous. So, let's look at the most beloved and common among the fair sex hair dressings. Most often, they are divided into three main types:

  • decorative;
  • sports;
  • fur.

Sports dressings appeared during the rapid development of sports in Soviet times and are still an essential attribute if you exercise, for example, in the gym, run or dance.They protect against sweat, which should stand out during intense workouts, and they can also become a highlight of your sporting image.

Perfect for fall

Decorative bandages are the most diverse, they can be found in retro style, which convey the unique lightness of the hippies with their thin weaves and uncomplicated lines.

Most often hippy-style headbands are worn with long hair, but they can also look quite attractive in short. They can be colored, from different contrasting fabrics, wide, which are worn over the hair and above the forehead, and also thin, which fall below the hairline.

For sports girls

Among the decorative bandages in a special subspecies, you can make the so-called glamorous species, which, most often, have the form of a thin ribbon or ribbon, to which a large flower is attached, a bright brooch made of stones or a thin strip decorated with rhinestones or sequins.

Such dressings with flowers or stones are associated with tenderness and romance, they even often dress up newborn children. Best of all, they are combined with light dresses, blouses or tops in the case of adult women, they will give your image of femininity and light notes of glamor.

Summer option

Another separate area is the wedding bandages on the hair, which more and more seriously began to replace the wedding veil. They are suitable for any dress or image of the bride, most often decorated with delicate flowers, patterns or bows, they are usually made to order in limited quantities, but you can find something in a wide trade.

Wide or fur bandages often worn in winter, they are not only decorative, but also a protective function, protecting hunger from cold air. They can be connected with their wool or other threads, sometimes they are decorated with flowers or other decorative elements.

Hairstyle and bandage

Although such women's hair accessories do not differ in special rules of socks, but still it is necessary to observe some points so that the hairstyle really looks stylish.

The main experiment

For example, many girls with a bang are worried about the question of what hair styles can be done with a bandage on the head, because hair of approximately the same length does not cause any complications, but a whimsical bang always creates additional difficulties.

In this case, the bangs are either hidden under the bandage and then the bandage itself should partially fall on the forehead and completely close the hairline.Another option is to bang back and then put on a bandage, it should be quite wide and be located a few centimeters above the hairline, this way the bandage will hold the bangs and other hairs.

Wonderful alternative to the cap

And the last, very interesting option, when the decorative bandage is put over the bangs, it is located above the growth line of the bangs, that is, somewhere in the middle of the head. Silk handkerchiefs are also suitable here, but sports or woolen ones will have to be abandoned.

The fringe itself will look out from the front, if it's rather long, then it can be slightly twisted, giving the image a playful and romantic look. Recently, at the peak of popularity is a hairstyle in the Greek style, which is created using thin headbands, crocheted or from interwoven leather threads, so we decided to tell you how to make it with your own hands.

Such a miracle can be done by hand

For such a hairstyle, it is necessary to wrap the hair in large curls. Then we do a little bouffant so that the hairstyle looks volumetric, smooth it with a brush, that everything looked neat.

We put on the bandage just below the hair growth line, fix it with two invisible ones.Now alternately fill each curl inward for the gum, after which we fix all the naughty curls invisible. All is ready! Hair can be decorated with a beautiful flower or brooch.

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