Layfak - what does this popular word mean?

There are a lot of social movements and communities. The leaders of some pursue mercenary and immoral goals, but other directions prove useful to many. For example, the movement lifhak helped to solve not one dozen difficult problems and gave answers to many pressing questions. And what is this direction?

What it is?

What does the term mean? What is a life hack? Today, they are given a set of techniques and methods that imply the maximum simplification of some processes and the achievement of their goals using tricks, skills, knowledge and useful tips.

Modern concept

In other words, all this can be called “hacking” of the environment and life, which helps to simplify your life as much as possible. Supporters of the direction are looking for any ways to speed up the workflow, save and reduce time and labor costs.

If you translate such a concept literally, then you can divide it into two English words: "life" (life) and "hack" (hacking).And such a translation just conveys the whole essence of the title.

Proponents of this trend call themselves life hackers, some of them devote literally all their time to finding easy ways out of certain situations and finding non-standard solutions to problems. Among such questions and problems one can come across sometimes complex or even absurd ones, for example:

  • How not to stand in line?
  • How not to worry before the exam?
  • How to remember the phone number?
  • How to get rid of unnecessary things?

A bit of history

The history of the movement has its roots in the 1980s. It was then that programming and IT technologies were born. The then programmers solved the problems of optimizing and simplifying computer processes and tasks.

Originally, the word "hack" appeared, which meant an effective and quick solution to a particular problem. But then programmers decided to extend their techniques to everyday life, after which one more word was added to the term - “life”.

The world learned about the name of the movement much later, namely in 2004, when an article was published by the famous journalist Danny O’Brien, who at that time covered programming and computer technologies in the press.

The life hacking movement itself began to emerge in 2005, when information began to appear on social networks. Numerous blogs and websites were created on which it was possible to find the answer to any question. Today such a direction is very, very popular.

Methods, principles, rules and devices

What do lifehackers use to make their lives as simple as possible?

  1. Memory cards. On them, such people store all the important information. But the desktop computer will be perfectly clean.
  2. Savvy. Yes, it can not do without it.
  3. Time management, planning, organization. All life hackers plan their day and control time.
  4. Security. No proponent of the movement will commit rash actions and follow unproven advice, exposing himself and others to danger.
  5. Available tips. Why reinvent the wheel if it is already invented? Experience and knowledge of others are useful.
  6. Help others. Often lifefakers connect assistants to their activities.

How to reveal a lifaker?

Is it possible to somehow identify lifehacker? Of course, there are no external identification marks. Such people dress and look like everyone else.But if you talk with one of the representatives of the movement and even more so to observe him in the process of working or solving some problem, then it will be quite possible to “expose” him. Here are some of the distinctive signs of life hacker:

  • Unusual view of the problem.
  • The presence in the arsenal of interesting and very useful devices. Some of these devices are invented by the lifefacker itself.
  • The desire to save money and time. Excess lifehaker just will not spend.
  • Smart, logical thinking.
  • The speed of the reaction. Layfhaker seizes everything on the fly and quickly assesses the situation.
  • Supporters of the movement do not keep their advice secret. On the contrary, they are beneficial to the masses and give useful recommendations to others.
  • As a rule, lifjhakers are quite successful.
  • Many supporters of the direction are interesting, educated and well-read people.

How to become a life hacker?

Implement new

Can I become a life hacker? If you have the makings, such as ingenuity, dexterity, the ability to find non-standard solutions and consider situations from different sides, then you can fully join this movement. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  1. Read more! Visit interesting sites and get information from them, read encyclopedias and just interesting books. Reading will give you a lot of interesting information, which at any time can come in handy.
  2. Always carry with you a few useful and necessary things: a flashlight, pen and notebook, memory card, mobile phone (certainly with useful programs and constant access to the Internet), a penknife.
  3. Learn to soberly assess the situation and consider it from different angles.
  4. You may need the laws of chemistry and physics, so it will be useful to remember the basics of these sciences.
  5. Record or record any useful and interesting information, even if it seems unnecessary at the moment.
  6. Do not be afraid of experimentation and improvisation, a genius can be born accidentally.
  7. Communicate more with the "avid" and experienced life hackers, visit the thematic sites, this will allow you to gain experience and learn some useful habits.

Let lifhak help you through life and solve all your problems. Good luck and, of course, patience!

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