Labels and miniature gift cards

Original gift tags can not only indicate who the gift is intended for, but also perfectly cope with the role of a greeting card. And made by hand, they are much more valuable. Here are a few ideas that you can take note of. Idea # 1. To make tags you need:
- White cardboard \ thick paper - Compass - Pencil - Puncher - Black gel pen (thin marker) - Thick sewing needle - Linen twine - Lighter - Red satin ribbon - Paints.
 For the manufacture of tags you will need
First of all, s Ready-made templates. Measure with compasses 3-4 cm and draw the required number of circles, then cut them out.
 Measure with compass
draw the necessary number of circles
cut circles
Then draw the muzzles of the deer.So far, instead of a nose, we put two points.
 draw the faces of the deer
With the puncher we make a hole under the cord, and with a thick needle we pierce two holes that are in place of the nose. Now the nose of a deer looks like a pig's nose, but soon we will fix it.
 We make a hole with a puncher
We cut the ribbon into pieces approximately 20-25 cm long and twice we tie a normal knot, but you shouldn’t tighten it too much, so the knots will look much larger - that’s what we need. We burn the ends so that the ribbon does not break.
 Cut the ribbon
Let's return to the tags. Paint over the circles, draw the horns. Gel pen around the pencil lines, write a greeting (or the name of the person to whom the gift will be intended).
 paint over circles
Now turn the snout into the nose of a deer. We pass the ribbon through the holes pierced with a needle and on the back we tie a bow.
 we tie a bow
We thread the splits, draw a blush with our finger and paint and it's done!
We are splitting the twine

Idea # 2. Need: - Cardboard blanks (rectangles 12x6 cm) - Gouache - Wide brush - Satin ribbons- Sponge - Stationery knife - Puncher.
Cardboard rectangles are folded in half and on the front side of each one we draw the silhouette of a snowflake by hand or having previously printed the pattern on the printer.
add up in half
Cut out silhouettes with a stationery knife.
 cut out the silhouettes
Inside one of the mini-cards, wide brush paint over the background with white contrasting white paper.
 paint the background with paint
Take a different color and the same thing barking withnext card.
 we will do with the next postcard
We will issue another one a little differently. Cut off a small piece of the sponge. Dip it into the paint and fill the front side of the postcard with color.
 Cut a small piece from the sponge
When one of the first two cards dries, using a sponge, apply another layer of white paint.
 Dip it in the paint
Cut the ribbons, cut the ends and tie the knots.
 Cut Ribbons
Passing Ribbons into Holes and Postcards Tags Ready!
We pass the tape
 tying ribbons
Idea # 3. To make these labels you need: - Two threads (or more) colors - Hook №2 - Rectangular blanks of white and colored cardboard (approximately 9x5 cm) - Ribbons - Puncher . First of all let's tie the snowflakes. If you are an experienced knitter, then with success you will find a lot of wonderful schemes for knitting, and if you are a beginner in this field, then follows the analysis of the proposed scheme. It is very simple, but the product related to it is nevertheless very attractive.
 scheme of snowflakes
First of all, we dial a chain of six air loops. >
knit a snowflake
End it into a ring connecting column. To do this, we enter the hook into the first loop of the chain and hook on the working thread and simply pull it through two loops that are on the hook.
 knit a snowflake
 knit a snowflake
Next, we collect three lifting air loops - they replace with one double crochet, allowing you to start a new knitting row.
 we knit with ezhinku
Now column with sc: introducing the hook in the ring, jumped on him and stretch out the thread,now there are three loops on the hook.
 knit a snowflake
 knit a snowflake
Next, we catch the working thread and pull it through two near loops, now on hook left two loops, again we catch the thread and knit two loops into one. Recruit two air loops.
 knit a snowflake
 knit a snowflake
Then follow the pico scheme. We select three more air loops and pass the hook into the third from the end of the loop, grab the working thread and pull it out. There are now two loops on the hook, we thread the thread and knit them together.
 knit a snowflake
 knit a snowflake
 knit a snowflake
Next - again double crochet.
 we knit a snowflake
Two airy e loops and four picos.
 knit a snowflake
When the fourth picot is connected, enter the hook into the base of the third pico hook and simply pull the working thread through the loops,which are on the hook - this is the connecting stitch.
 knit a snowflake
 knit a snowflake
Zethem again two air loops and a double crochet in ring.
we knit a snowflake
Then simply follows the above steps five more times. When you tie all six petals of a snowflake, simply insert a hook into the top of the very first crochet column you associate and tie a connecting bar.
 knit a snowflake
Finished snowflake needs to be ironed.
snowflakes cats
The snowflakes in the photo, connected by blue threads, are made by the same knitting techniques that were described above, but in a different way. If you wish, you can independently master the new schemes.
 cat snowflakes
Punch holes in cardboard blanks.
 punching holes And we tie snowflakes with ribbons. It remains only to write wishes.
 It only remains to write the wishes
Idea number 4is a great opportunity to use the accumulated balances colored paper with benefits. In addition to paper residues, we will also need ribbons and threads, and, of course, cardboard blanks.
 will also need ribbons and strings
For each tab we make our own set: a rectangle of patterned paper, two smaller rectangles of plain paper, two lengths of thread and a ribbon.
 make your own set
Every The second rectangle is folded the same way as in the photo, without smoothing the fold - let the box seem to be voluminous and tie a ribbon.
 Each rectangle is also collapsed
Smaller rectangles tied with thread.Glue miniature gifts to the workpiece and - it's done!
 We stick miniature gifts
Thank you for your attention! I wish you success!

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