Knitted dress with an open skirt

Knitted dress with an open skirt. Master class on knitting and crocheting a wonderful dress, the skirt of which is decorated with an openwork pattern.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (40% biosoi, 34% bio-cotton, 26% bio-bamboo, yarn length 110 m / 50 g) 500 (600) grams of beige color;
  2. needles number 5;
  3. hook number 3.

Pattern Description

Facial surface:front rows - front loops, purl rows - back loops.

Openwork pattern:knit according to the scheme.

Pattern with holes:an odd number of loops.

1 row: front row: purl loops;

2 row: persons. loops;

3rd row: chrome, 1 int, * 1 nakid. 2 p. Together with one purl, we repeat from *, we finish krom.;

4 row: individuals. loops;

5 row: out. loops;

6 row: krom.p., 1 person.p., * 1 nakid. 2 p. Together with one face, we repeat from *, we finish c.;

7 row: out. loops;

8 row: individuals. loops;

9-18 rows: front surface.

Repeat from 1 to 18 series.

Density of knitting: openwork pattern 18 loops x 26 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Pattern with holes:18 loops x 28 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Dimensions:36/38 (40/42).

Data for 40/42 sizes is shown in parentheses. If one digit is specified, it is intended for all sizes.

Knitting description


We collect 99 (107) loops and knit the 1st of. row of purl loops. Next, we carry out the openwork pattern, at the same time we start the row with loops before rapport, then 12 (13) x rapport, we end with loops after rapport.

At a height of 30 cm = in the 79th row of the openwork pattern, we do not execute the nakida and thus 24 (26) loops = 75 (81) loops in the 80th row of the openwork pattern will be reduced. Next, knit a pattern with holes.

At a total height of 81 cm, close the middle 31 (33) loops and finish both sides separately.

At the same time, on the inside of the cutout, we also close it in each 2 row 1 x 2 p. and 1 x 1 p.

The remaining 19 (21) shoulder loops are closed in the subsequent 2nd row.


We knit like a back, but for the splines of the neckline, at a total height of 58.5 cm, in the 7th row of the pattern with holes, close the loop in the middle and finish both sides of 37 (41) loops separately.

At the height of the splines is 18.5 cm - in the 5th row of the pattern with holes, we close 10 loops for the notch, then for rounding the notch in every other 2 row 1 x 3 (4) n., 1 x 2 n. and 3 x 1 p.

The remaining 19 (21) shoulder loops are closed 6 cm from the beginning of the neckline.


We collect 59 loops and knit 1 out. row of purl loops.Then knit openwork pattern, while starting with loops before rapport. 7 x rapport, finish with loops after the rapport.

At an altitude of 18 cm = in the 47th row of the openwork pattern, we do not execute the napkin, thus reducing 14 loops = 45 loops in 48 rows of openwork pattern.

Next, knit a pattern with holes. At the same time, for the bevels of the sleeves, on both sides in each 8 row add 11 x 1 s. = 67 loops. The added loops are included in the pattern of the pattern with holes.

At the height of 53.5 cm, we close all the loops.


We sew shoulder seams.

The neckline, including the sides of the slot, we will tie the crochet 1 st. b / n, then 1 row "pico", at the same time replacing in each row the 1st column by two degrees and each row is closed with a connecting column in the upper air. p.

For a series of "picot" knit alternately 1 tbsp. b / n, 1 "pico", skipping 1 loop of the previous row. For "pico" knit 3 vozd. Clause and 1 Article b / n in the 1st of the three air. p.

Sew the sleeves so that the middle of the sleeves coincides with the shoulder seam.

We join the side seams and the seams of the sleeves in one go.

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