Knife Sharpener from Lighter

A simple sharpener for kitchen knives that you can do with your own hands in 5 minutes if you like. To do this, do not need scarce parts and tools. This will be a very useful thing for your kitchen.

What do you need for sharpeners?

  • - Two used flint lighters.
  • - Small wooden block.
  • - A pair of self-tapping screws.

Getting Started to Manufacturing Knife Sharpeners

Sharpener for knives from the lighter
Knife sharpener from a lighter
The first step is to remove from both lighters two steel wheels that strike the silicon. This is all just done with a flat screwdriver. Then, using the same screwdriver, release the middle of these wheels from the aluminum sides so that at the end you only have steel wheels without facing.
Sharpener for knives from a lighter
Then steel should be put on a small wooden block.wheels.
Sharpener for knives from a lighter
Match them together and screw them to the bar with self-tapping screws. Wheels flakes should be directed to one side.
Sharpener for knives from the lighter
Knife sharpener from lighter
Knife sharpener ready. It will not take up much space in the household, and, if necessary, it will be possible to take it with you even on a camping trip. It is very easy to use the sharpener. You take the knife, put its point between the wheels, and with a little effort, stretch the knife to yourself. As a result, the metal shavings appear and the blunt edge of the knife is sharpened.
Sharpener for knives from the lighter
Sharpener for knives from a lighter

Checking sharpeners

I took a blunt knife, which initially practically did not cut the paper. He made a dozen movements on the sharpener he had just made. Everything, the knife sharpened perfectly. A paper sheet is cut into one-two.

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